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Ji Hyo Used to Push Someone Away too.. [Running Man Ep 490]

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  • i can tell jihyo was actually dumbfounded cs her eyes was shaking while laughing hahahaha also people pls stop making it bigger than the actual thing since i dont think they were even making a problem about this

  • Haha's laughter in the background 🤣

  • Hahaha is it wrong that once Jong Kook Oppa said so, i'm already imagining Song Ji Hyo become Ha Oh Eomma? 😂😂😂

  • I was a Monday Couple shipper but I moved on since I know Hao, Gary and Jihyo are family and friends, Gary considering Jihyo as dongsaeng and Jihyo consodering Gary as oppa, that's all. They've been family for almost a decade, Jongkook was joking and I'm sure they are close enough to take this level of joke, and this how you promote your close people's show in variety show. When I watched RM 325 I can tell that Gary and Jihyo were honest when they sing "we don't love each other so no no no no no". I hope Gary would introduce Hao to RM members, just imagine how Jihyo and RM members will fall in love with kind Hao.

  • Believe Me if song ji ho out of RM i hate PD and become haters to so min and chi Chan

  • xiMiixiMii

    Author Reply

    He said it with flat face lmao

  • What's wrong for them to have fun.. We've seen their bonds their friendship throughout the show.. It was for fun.. And Gary would understand too… Maybe he had another motive probably promoting Gary's participate in TROS..

  • I can see from her expression that she regreted pushing Gary away.

  • 😂 someone is jealous

  • Poor jihyu she should be married by now.

  • 2:02 that look on ji hyo face i wonder what she is feeling.

  • jungkook like have no feeling hahaha


    Author Reply

    Brutal jokes in RM.
    KJK to SJH: then you can make the ROTS with Gary (if you didn't push him away).
    HaHa to KJK: a letter from a college student in LA. Dad, I miss you.
    HaHa to JSJ: (when JSM's daughter get married, when LKS's son is enlisted), you will watch us from haven.
    YJS to LKS: when are you going to pay your comedian club fee?
    YJS to KJK: Yoon Eun Hye! Eun Hye ah~

  • " i hate it when people play with someone's feeling " – jee suk jin 💜

  • Awww… I remember when I first watched this that Ji Hyo looked noticeably sad when Gary was mentioned. While the two may not have had romantic feelings for one another, I do think that Ji Hyo cherished the moments she had w/ Gary as Monday Couple (and her Ace role) was a big part of her identity throughout the show.

  • As a RM fan,this was such a warm moment for me. I just loved how kjk teased/roasted jihyo unnie🤣love their chemistry❤️.

  • hm imiss monday couple , but at the some time i remember , gary had a wife hm buttt i still wannaa see ji hyo and gary back like the old monday couple 😔 omg sorry i insecure hm 🙁

  • Reading the comments of pro-rm & pro-tros , pro-jk & pro- gary, whats wrong with all you people, just support both, the world already in deepshit dipshit , for some RM or TROS are something that makes people happy and all of you are bitching about who says what and what show not support what, just support all of them…. all of them used to be friends and all of us here are fans of all of them…… bunch of godamn backseat drama queens….. fyi none of them knows any of you…. so stop being bunch of toxic mofos on this video comment section….

  • One thing that most people need to know is that a Monday Couple is just a job and don't expect too much for them to get married in real life because they have no feelings for each other. Even if they have feelings for each other, they wouldn't be so pointed out that it was just a variety show. Remember "just a job". 👌

  • Sedih 😭


  • Love you KJK alwaysssssssss u is funny! ✌️☘️🙏❤️

  • JjHyo knew she didn't love the man anymore.GET OVER IT! and while your at it, stop blaming Jeon SoMin for gary leaving. He was long gone before they even considered as members!

  • i love that jihyo mentioned gary’s name even if she hesitated a little bit

  • Don't worry Seok Jin hyung , I also hate her 😂

  • What if🤔

  • I feel so sad for Kang Gary's wife cause Kang Gary is used to be known as a member of Running Man and especially the MONDAY COUPLE that we'll not ever be forgotten.

  • put water on the burnt area

  • I just love those kinds of conversations from them haha. like they talk about their true feelings and some personal stuff that fans would love to hear. I don't find it disrespectful at all but really enjoyed it :DDDD and a bit sad because I miss when Gary was on the show.

  • This is funny though, I don't know why they take it so seriously… I even laugh because it's funny… They're all friends, if it's uncomfortable for them to talk about, then they'll hesitate to speak about the past… Don't be so immature~

  • Aigoo , Feels like jihyo has regrets…wishing for her happiness too

  • Ya NaYa Na

    Author Reply


  • YJS knows how to distract when time comes!!!! 😂

  • I laughed so hard hahaha

  • Gary, The One That Got Away. I’m not saying that I am right but maybe Ji Hyo isn’t married yet because she hasn’t found the guy who will treat her like Gary did to her before.

  • 02:25



  • It will be a great shocking news if one day just like the other, that this 2 is a real couple and a news of getting married is announce tru all korean news. (I remember one couple who keeps denying there are not but soon getting married).

  • I wish that these people go to Gary’s house and Gary would introduce them all to Haoh since Gary starts to teach Haoh about his job and Gary side.

  • Ah damn, my brain suddenly think all about the return of superman scene where ji hyo as ha oh mother.

    Ah how unfortunate