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Ji Hyo Finds Kim Jong Kook!! But.. She is So Scared..[Running Man Ep 441]

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Giải Trí
Bị fan ghép đôi trên Running Man Việt Nam, BB Trần và Liên Bỉnh Phát nhân cơ hội thừa nhận tình cảm
  • kim jong kook muhd arif aiman bin tuming

  • They are all funny😆😆😆

  • MingMing

    Author Reply

    I bet at 0:39 Jong kook was like
    * WHAT THE HECK!!!???? *
    In his mind

  • It' so funny

  • Eps?

  • Ottoke

  • This was a year ago? Damn, this feels like it was only months ago since this episode aired. Slow down please, time.

  • Omg, Jihyo is so cute

  • so wat?

  • Ji Hyo unni looks sooo beautiful in the thumbnail. ❤️

  • This place is where the(past ep.) guest lost his vj
    Cute mong ji and angry birds bgm is back 😍

  • Guys @ 0:03 I think running man has filmed on this location before, like in the early episode. It’s when they were still doing the whole concept of hide and seek with the bells.

  • 0:39 😂😂😂😂 she just closed the door

  • hahaha ji hyo reaction when she saw jk was sooo cute. 😅


  • Without kang gary running man being more fun and funny

  • KJK is like honey i am here😂😂😂

  • Who is totally the honey bee in that episode?

    -song ji hyo's reaction😂😂

  • Is Ji Hyo a vampire ? She still looks young

  • MN xMN x

    Author Reply


  • I'm just watch this episode,and i feel so sad because Lee Kwang Soo said he's tittle the most younger members in running man got stolen by somin and sechan . I can feel he's sad too . Damn it!😭😭

  • She's so cute I can't handle itt😭😍

  • Song Jihyo is so prettyyy..

  • Song Jihyo is so prettyyy..

  • He can untie the rope by himself

  • SJH should add KJK to the list of what she's scared:
    1. Omma
    2. Bugs
    3. Zombies
    4. Kim Jong Kook!!!

  • The last time she saw him, he practically zombie-bulldozed her to get to Seok Jin, lol. I'd be scared too.

  • Love this ep very much.. And i cant stop laughing with ji sukjin's "race start." when he was 1st to be eliminated… bring back old memories. 😂

  • Sjh to kjk : "dont get mad"

  • 0:36 her face hahah ..She's so precious mannn

  • Nghe Jihyo gọi Haha Oppa, nghe thương vỡi

  • I'd honestly do the same HAHAHA…
    I replayed the closing door part many times hehehe

  • episode ini seru paraaah. yoo jae suk deduksinya kereen, akting gwang soo kereen. kena tepu2 semuaaa

  • menemukan jodoh…mau kemana aja pasti ketemu 😃😃

  • If u recognized the place, u are a true runningman fans 😌

  • Omg the nostalgia where i remember that this is where they filmed their old ep, where lee joon and the other idols are guests 💖 i really miss their old episodes

  • Mongji blank reaction really cute 😅😅😄

  • Best episodes this time so dramatic bring back old days of running man fuhhh

  • For those who still dint watch this episod .. (SOMIN , SECHAN , KWANGSOO = HONEYBEE) -SPOILER Thanks to me later

  • 大 黃 蜂 🐝

  • her angry bird song , oh it's been a long time since i heard it

  • This episode make me want to watch rm again 😭😭😭

  • Shes soooo cute… LoL

  • Jongkook: "Honey help me."
    Scared Jihyo: "oh hell no."

  • Ji Hyo is sooo pretty

  • poor ji suk jin no one believe him. oh i've missed easy brother

  • I think she's just smart. She used the other guy as a guinea pig. 😂