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Ji Hyo, Did Your Heart Flutter More When Gary was Here? [Running Man Ep 437]

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  • Everyone missed Gary, but Gary cut off contact with the members. Sometimes i'm very sad to think about it. I don't know why but will support Gary whatever happens. And i hope even though Gary doesn't return to Running Man at least he will improve relations with the members. Yes 7012 forever


  • when ji hyo said "who is kang gary" my heart aches huhu i miss monday couple so bad 😭 but gary is happy now with her son and wife still happy for him.. ❤️

  • I bet that.. The most viewing in this kocowa channel is about spartace… Am i right

  • akuaku

    Author Reply

    look, they all were quite when Haha asking abt gary and they must be thinking abt SHJ feeling

  • I'm glad we haven't gotten any SpartAce love line shipping in the past several months. It was always cringey and forced and neither looked like they wanted to be part of it (Ji Hyo played along from time to time but not the way Gary did to her or the way So Min did to Se Chan).

  • i guess SJH feels kinda upset or maybe disappointed of what KG did
    i mean if it happen to anyone im sure they'll feel betrayed too ryt? knowing that person for more than 5 yrs, being close together like family but suddenly they cut their connections with u
    though im sure RM mem/ staff will understand it but still it takes time to accept it
    They're just human guys

  • Snoopy why are you here? BigBoss is looking for you.

  • I just realized that Jihyo is wearing a I don't care hat

  • I don"t like rm now ! i miss kang gary opaa 🙁

  • KJK and jhiyo r not match.they're trying hard.kung Gary is best!

  • Jong kook being lowkey proud that ji hyo said "who is kang gary"

  • Monday Couple was best but I don't mind Jong Kook and Ji Hyo either. Because I know the only person who can control Jong Kook is Ji Hyo lol.

  • Sorry to say but nakikita ko lng silang dlawa n jihyo and jongkook as a brother and sister…hayss monday couple is the best sayang nga lng tlga at d na push ung feelings nila sa isat isa na alam nman nating meron tlga..hayss sana man lng sinubukan nyang ligawan c jihyo sa personal o kaya nag antay sya ng tamang pagkakataon s knila n jihyo kc parang nag aantay lng din c jihyo ng tamang panahon para s knilang dlawa..sayang lng tlga

  • Well i dont like soomin team asking about their relationship cause it can be dangerous u know😕

  • XycorXycor

    Author Reply

    Who is Kang gary ? …Just watch previous episodes of running man and you will see the difference in current Ji hyo and ji hyo back then and If you are talking about there relationship then I would say he waited for her 7 long years and she knew that he had feelings for her but she never accepted ,so he moved on and now he is happy with his family.(its just my POV ,don't get offended).

  • 1:07 Kwangsoo's reaction though. priceless 😂

  • I hate Jong kook with Jihyo!!! I like Jong Kook with ❤ Jin Young !!!

  • What ep is this?

  • Let's see in her eyes when she said that at 1:12