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Ji Hyo Chimes in Hurriedly.. "It's Kim Moo Yul" [Running Man Ep 491]

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  • I cannot imagine running man without song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong kook, also Kwang soo 😭 glad the issue has been settled

  • Ji hyo will always be the only princess and the ace , nobody is like her

  • What show they talking about 1:36 ?

  • People saying she didn't promote her movie probably forgot about her on Knowing Brothers and how popular that show really is, it's my second favorite after RM and she was amazing that episode bonding with the guys. Honestly the best choice she made at helping promote the movie, she was very bright and funny to watch ( really reminded me of the earlier RM episodes Song Jihyo ). Everyone was so amazed and charmed by her, really recommend fans to watch it if you haven't already. You'll see her opening up alot more and really enjoying herself that she looked so happy, she even talked about RM members too

  • T 14T 14

    Author Reply

    Oh babe! Lovely still!

  • And guess what??
    After the Pandemic, her movie is release ..
    And became the most and most successful film that was watched by Koreans.

  • And now Intruder becomes hit🔥

  • Unnieee! Hahaha your movie was a big hit even though you didn’t promote it 😂🥳

  • The BGM is killing me 😂😂😂

  • Aaa eonni 😣😣😣

  • But why couldn't jihyo promote on running man? ( i don't have anything against that other movie) i'm just asking👍

  • I hope they are always together as a family Running Man and healthy always🤗🤗🤗

  • song jihyo is one of those great actress but underrated. im waiting for intruder. the trailer was so promising. the theme was so unique. and song jihyo was really scary at that film. 😂😂😂😂

  • shes only active in this episode to promote her movie lmao

  • Miss Blank youre such a clickbait.. Love you queen

  • I saw the trailer long before and, damn! Ji Hyo gave me chills from her acting. Its so creepy and interesting at the same time, never seen her act as the creep before. And I really appreciate how Yu Hyuk oppa promoted Ji hyo’s movie so much love from RM family 🥰🥰

  • good job jaesuk oppa…now i'm gonna search it up

  • when Jaesuk was better on promoting her movie than the RM production..
    i was actually waiting for them to have a special ep for Song Jihyo presenting Intruder theme but that was impossible

  • Send me also in there

  • i saw song ji hyo first in drama jumong i liked her role and it was my first time to follow a korean acctress thats also the reason why i always watch running man because she's one of the member and i think shes quiet popular that time because her debute movie wishing stairs was hit in korea b4 the frozen flower movie..

  • Ji Hyo i really admired her a lot. I started to watch RUNNING MAN last month, now i realize how good in acting she is..AND Ji Hyo its kinda like i adored her so much, not only for good acting skills SHE is..AND she's so gorgeous, seductive, beauty and brainy. No words can described her…wOw man! She's awesome and cool. I love you Ji Hyo.
    Yow yow yow yow! INTRUDER movie its amazing👋👌

  • Song ji hyo unnie cute and pretty. Good luck unnie on your new movie "Intruder"

  • Seronok laa

  • Lol YJS good job trying to promote ji hyo movie intruder but if only u got the name right 😀😀😀😀 YJS still managed to make us laugh 😄😄😅😅😆😆song ji hyo unnie don't worry we fans will always support you 😃😃😃😃 YJS 😃😃😃choi (kim) moo yuel lol 😄😄😄ji hyo nice save😍😍

  • saranghae Hae Sun😊😘

  • I think Yoo jae suk misspell Kim Moo Yul's name on purpose into Choi Moo Yul. This way it becomes more funny and not awkward in secretly promoting Song ji hyo's movie. I mean if you've followed yoo jae suk for some time, he does not do this kind of silly mistake as in remembering ppl's name. Hell he can even remember all of the staff's name. I think he did it to be funny so that it will not be cut out.

  • Aku malah lebih tau film ji hyo dibanding film yg lg dipromosiin bintang tamu sekarang.

  • Oh my gosh Hye Sun finally guest in here. Well she guest in here but I think for just a while with Suk Jin and Jae Suk. Now it’s full episode.

  • “Intruder” looks amazing I can’t wait to watch!

  • everyone already commented about jihyo, so i dont have to but i want to comment about Jong Ok's laugh so cute. sounds like teenager's laugh hahaha

  • It’s okay Jihyo, running man fans will promote your movie ❤️

  • Ji hyo unnie movie intruder ditunda tayang bukan bulan Mac,sbb virus corona dengar berita macam tu lh☺

  • I wish that song ji hyos movie will be a big hit. I cant wait to see her movie.

  • Hope that Kim Mong Yul will guest on RM. Let see what happens 🤔 and the theme will be Intruder.

  • Do ji hyo really smoke???

  • Ever since Gary came back from staying away from the media, Ji Hyo started to slowly get her screen time. Note: No I am not those who keeps spamming "give Ji Hyo more screentime". No. I am those who understands why Ji Hyo has less screentime before (1) its because new members needs a slightly more screentime to introduce us what character their portraying and (2) Ji Hyo might be busy with a lot of movies like "Intruder" and that she can't focus on a lot of things at the same time. She always looks dumbfounded on certain missions (not saying she is dumb, just maybe out of focus at certain scene). Anyway, I am happy now that the HATERS who keeps spamming SBS instagram can't use the excuse of "give more screentime to Ji Hyo" to hate So Min. Wahahahah

  • Song ji hyo unnie always the best no matter wat others say about her she's always be my role model and inspiration…..can't wait to watch intruder…..even if it's been push back coz of the COVID19 I'm a still wait…..she's the best truly she is nd hope everyone is safe , protections, important mask on😷😷 wash hands with soap and water dispose of used tissues nd nd drink hot water lemon …just be safe everyone….hope song ji hyo is safe 2 and everyone around the world….just be safe everyone

  • everything is great in this series! i love it Running Man

  • LuciaLucia

    Author Reply

    That's kinda rude. Seniority in Korea must be so shitty huh. Jihyo unnie be more successfull and in the future reject the show who rejects you when they want to invite you👏🏻 Intruder let's hit big!

  • Shin hye sun 😍😍

  • 침입자 영화 대박 나세요

  • Members always start first to tease you Jihyo because they know she is not functioning in RM if they not tease her. Desperate girl!

  • The name of the movie was Innocence Intruder.

  • Seeing Shin Hae Sun is bringing me the feels from Angels Last Mission again 😭😭😭
    Really loved that Drama

  • Honestly, I'm always excited to see more of jihyo's works! So Unnie you dont need to promote, I'm gonna watch it anyways!!!!☺️❤

  • So funny! I feel like Jae Seok fudged the last name on purpose so it would catch headlines and help the movie… esp if they got turned down by a TV show to promote it. 👍🏻

  • J RJ R

    Author Reply

    Both movies will be a hit!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️
    Innocence❤️❤️❤️ and Intruder❤️❤️❤️

  • The production company of Ji Hyo's movie probably didn't choose Running Man to promote. EDIT: Now it's clear why they didn't, she is going to Knowing Brothers next week. The others are bringing it up to help her– technically, they are not allowed to promote any other movie or show without receiving money, but because it is Ji Hyo they made a joke on purpose so they could talk about the movie, that way people who are interested can look it up online. If the Running Man production REALLY didn't want to help Ji Hyo at all they could have edited out all the talk about her movie. You guys really become her worst enemy and want to see the worst on everyone. Seriously stop your own biases before reacting negatively TO EVERYTHING. Not everyone in this show is out to get Ji Hyo or hates her. Quite the contrary, they love her. If she was angry or uncomfortable she would have already left the show.

  • I rlly wnna knw wht the tittle of bgm at 2:01. Anyone knw ?

  • ZaferZafer

    Author Reply

    Because of corona we won't be able to watch running man soon