Jessica Alba Teaches Jimmy About Swass

Jessica Alba fills Jimmy in on what her husband and kids are up to, and they bond over the ways they tortured their siblings growing up.

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Jessica Alba Teaches Jimmy About Swass


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  • C JC J

    Author Reply

    Jimmy Fallon is the most annoying human ever created


  • OMG She’s super pretty!

  • Tom HTom H

    Author Reply

    I wish I could clone Jessica Alba. I’d die to have a Jessica Alba I could hug, kiss, and show physical intimacy (such as putting my arm around her) with for hours every day and night forever and ever. I can’t resist the physical attraction I have to her. She’s absolutely gorgeous. I love her hair, eyes, face, and body. Speaking of her beautiful long hair, it would be so soothing to touch and pet her long hair when hugging her.

  • She's beyond easy on the eyes.

  • I used to pretend I was possessed too 😍😍

  • She is the cuttest thing EVER OMG 😱😍😍

  • My wifeeee😍😍😍😍

  • If Jessica Alba plays a Marvel Comics character that is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she should play either the Claire Voyant version of Black Widow or the Yelena Belova version of Black Widow.

  • 10+ mit Sternchen

  • She verrrrryyy attractive!!!

  • I CANT recommend the fitted version of this underwear. It has two seams which literally run across the buttcheeks, it's not a pleasant feeling! The fabric and everything else it perfect…but none of my other brands has this kind of VERY unfortunate seam placement. Well, it was worth trying the hype.

  • You can't go making up words that already exist! #SirMixALot #SWASS

  • tf is binaca

  • i just watched this whole thing with the sound turned off. Best video ive watched in ages

  • I have three pairs of those socks and they’re pretty damn comfortable.

  • C BC B

    Author Reply

    God damn shes so fine

  • Cash Warren is a super fan and he got to marry Jessica Alba wow luckiest super fan ever

  • She is so good looking 🤩🤩🤩 thank God I am an only child 🤣

  • She's so hot

  • SWASS is also a Sir-mix-Alot song from 1988. Pussycat dolls used the hook on 'Dontcha."