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Jennie is an ACE After All!! [Running Man Ep 413]

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  • CanCan

    Author Reply

    Aaa i miss jennie :') like this

  • I wish blank pink was in ISAC but they said they need to be 5 or more but they are only four but how is mamamoo there when they are only four groups too…

    No hate to mamamoo I love them and so as The blank pink

  • I hope that BP will join ISAC too🥺✊

  • She is the best

  • Omg the yellow dress man loves jennie ikkk

  • Cuteeee nini

  • i hope Black pink join ISAC

  • Jennie was really cute and lucky I was loved


  • 😍😍

  • I was shocked at the thumbnail. I thought she have Bell's Palsy.

  • I Hope this year or maybe next year yg will grant blackpink to go on ISAC I think they will win many sports

  • Jennie is really the luckiest and ace of Blackpink…..I remember when she came with jisoo…. Jennie stole the whole episode though she was super unlucky that time…but that become a hit for her….being unlucky is also being lucky for her….proud of our nini

  • I searched for Idol Star Athletics Championship then I saw this and I thought BP attended that, later then I realized this is from running man 😂
    Jennieya saranghae

  • 2020 and still watching?
    Nice thumbnail my nini💕

  • she's gotten so close to the runningman members and the staff. I mean she even got invited to one the PDs wedding (he was there for running man and michuri), I mean Jesus hosted it and all the running man members I believe were there in the weeding as well.

  • 💖💖💖💖

  • Jennie is the cutest girl I have ever seen💖 really really love her so much

  • I swear Jennie needs to go to ISAC!

  • I want blackpink to to idol star championship. They've never gone before and I want YG to show us that they have talent other than singing and dancing

  • jennie the yg ace

  • Blackpink should join isac

  • Hi

  • Jennie is Soo cutie!

  • Blackpink in isac..jennie,rose,lisa Archer

  • Let blackpink play with the other idols during sport event

  • Why won't blackpink be on idols star athletic

  • jennie look so stunning with the bow, and cute too bcs she wore a shark suit❤️

  • Jennie ia a international playgirl ♥️♥️

  • Jennie i love you


  • BLACKPINK is something I cannot forget in life