Jada Pinkett Smith Took a Groupon Swamp Tour with Will Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith explains how she ended up on a public New Orleans swamp tour with her husband Will thanks to her Girls Trip co-star Tiffany Haddish’s love of Groupon.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Took a Groupon Swamp Tour with Will Smith


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  • Groupon – here is your cheque. Thnx for ur service

  • I can not wait to be making the kind of money and something huge like Groupon comes out and I have zero clues lol

  • For the love of whales, let her tell the story without interrupting EVERY SINGLE TIME Jimmy! it is sooo annoying!

  • 3:33 jimmys laugh tho

  • Rich people really that dumb.

  • I’ve only seen Greece through both movies of the sisterhood of travelling pants also lol 😂

  • Jada and them cheeks that do not move.

  • Why does he keep on interrupting Jada, damn

  • Jimmy Fallon absolutely sucks as a tv-host. He fails to do the most essential thing that a tv host should do….let their guests be funny and talk

  • Hrvatskaaaaa

  • Jimmy…..SHUT……UUUUUUP!!!

  • Jimmy has that fake laugh

  • Why is Jimmy Fallon so weird as she’s telling the story lol sheesh he’s awkward

  • Why can’t jimmy fallon stop interrupting his guests…

  • That's alot of facial surgery

  • Her teeth look like Alicia Keys.

  • soooo who came to visit us in Croatia in the end

  • Who else loves her laugh 😍

  • She’s so articulate and stunning

  • OMG that's the funniest sh*t ever! 😂😂😂 I heard Tiffany Haddish's version on Jimmy Kimmel first and had to find more info on it. Jada should have said "shout out to Tiffany for taking us on the swamp tour!"

  • The single most amazing thing about this is… the fuck does Jimmy Fallon even have his own show. Seriously I've seen cardboard cutouts of people that were genuinely funnier and had better social skills than him.

  • Will smith be perfect on jumanji with the rock ✊🏾

  • Imagine hanging out with Will and Tiffany at the same time. I would have the best time of my life too

  • Why tis guy is soooooooooooooooooo fake?

  • Please ban fallon

  • Jada sanket smith

  • Dee GDee G

    Author Reply

    Dang can she get any more plastic work done on that face? WoW

  • First I tough that she was a VERY luck woman, but once you hear her you realize that Will is the luck one!

  • Love her and will sm😭💛 I pray for a relationship like theirs in the future💛🙏🏼

  • I love tiffany😂💛

  • She is gorgeous!😍

  • Jimmy shut up dam