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It's Hwa Sa's Birthday Today! Why Don't We Make a Gopchang Cake?! [Running Man Ep 412]

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  • wowwww hwasa wolfed that gopchang downnn I love it

  • her birthday is the 23 of July mine is the 22nd

  • My birthday is on July 23 too

  • I love how in the beginning they said the same thing together 😂👏🏻

  • Hyejin looks so beautifuuuul

  • It's really funny when wheein said that haha's hair looks like gopchang 🤣🤣🤣

  • 하하는 지가 젓가락 들고 있으면서 알아서 쳐먹을 것이지 뭘 한 입 달래 니가 그냥 먹어 새꺄

  • V JunV Jun

    Author Reply

    So what was Haha mission?

  • My friends could neva

  • 0:01 jihyo and haha shares the same brain cells

  • I like cakes like that too…

  • K LK L

    Author Reply

    I can't get enough of bare faced Hwasa. She's sooooo perfeeeeect. :')

  • He… has dreads? Now that’s what you call culture appreciation 💕

  • This was made one day after my birthday

  • My little sister birthday is the same day

  • My bday is two days before hwasa

  • I hear dropkick murphys in the back ground

  • Happy birthday 🎊 🎂 hwasa

  • everyone love hwasa.

  • Its tomorrow again 🥰😍

  • EJEJ

    Author Reply

    Hwasa is so natural. I read that some didn't like her recent apperance where her nipples were showing bc she didn't wear a bra. And she appears on TV without makeup, messy hair. She's not the textbook skinny idol. And she loves gopchang, (cow's large intestine I believe.) I love how she's so herself, and doesn't even bother with other people who disagree. She does whatever the hell she wants, and she rocks it. Love you girl.

  • my baby deserves all the best ❤️ ❤️

  • ♌️♌️♌️‼️

  • July 23 our birthday are the same😍😍😍❤️
    For now i love hwasa❤️

  • i honestly think the rest of the members are definitely eating well since they have such a nice live mukbang in front of them all the time LOL

  • Hwasa is beautiful with or without make up… Beside her eating style,love her confidence!!!

  • My birthday is also on July 23 omg

  • people realizing that hwasa truly the maknae of mamamoo when she takes her make up off omg its amazing how shes a badass with make up on while shes just an adorable girl without make up😍😍😍


  • They was so insync 😂😂

  • Wooooooohhhhh
    Hwasa look so gorgeous without makeup….
    I love the members….Mamamoo is MORE than a group is a FAMILY…..

  • AmyAmy

    Author Reply

    What is gopchang in english ?

  • how did I miss this ep

  • Me and hwasa have the same birthday but different year

  • Even tho I dont know them but they made me laugh so hard hahaha

  • ritsuritsu

    Author Reply

    The dude with dreads looks like Qpark(viner).

    Anyway, Wheein's laugh is so contagious!

  • Bülent Ersoy a benziyor

  • 2:35
    that eye tho