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Hwasa Tries the Grilled Marinated Eel! [Home Alone Ep 269]

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  • Hwasa is so adorable ❤

  • These korean food look delicious 😋😋😋

  • Wy is her mum working when hwasa is super rich

  • Hwasa please make a mukbang channel 😭 I really like to watch you eat, brings back my appetite

  • 1:18 nobody would care about Japchae

    Me: I care about Japchae when u go to samgyupsal places!

  • 森

    Author Reply

    it's so wholesome waw

  • mortal kombat

  • Hwasa's grand mother is so precious omg

  • Is she a prisoner or wearing PPE?

  • Charlie and the chocolate factory feels..!

  • A beautif family❤

  • Idk where to start from I can’t find ep 1 😭

  • Her: eats a lot, have an hour glass like body

    Me: eats a lot, have a clock like body

  • Gonna stan her💖

  • ZoZo

    Author Reply

    This is so wholesome ❤️

  • What is deep fried Laver??

  • Hwasa need to do a channel for mukbang

  • I love her she's so cool, she's such an inspiration to me cz she's so open abt her lyf,not like typical Korean Barbie doll figure girls, she's so chilled and enjoying.Every Korean idols should respect hwasa.I just loved her personality so much,Even on this show she isn't doing anything scripted like blackpink did in their show.Hwasa seems so natural😍May God bless her with more and more succes in lyf

  • Lived near where Hwasa was from for a total of 3 years (Namwon + then Suncheon). Can confirm the food here is the best in the whole country. Was totally spoiled.

  • My goal is to cook like Hwasa’s mother

  • This was so wholesome to watch. Everyone eating together <3

  • I like how she is close to her parents. ♥️

  • ericaerica

    Author Reply

    seeing hwasa sitting close to her grandma and her grandma taking care of her dad reminds me of my late grandmother :<<

  • This so wholesome , watching how hwasa takes care of the grandmother is so cute:)))))

  • That's a lot of plates! in my country, we have one big plate with a lot of food (arranged nicely too!) or a couple of plates that has either 1 type of food or has more. I'm kinda craving for that crispy seaweed looking snack, perfect for rice.

  • 보기좋아ㅠㅠ 정겨워 화목해

  • She is seriously making me hungry. Damn it

  • Watching Hwasa eat makes me hungry.
    She eats very well….love her.

  • They are the real hwasa's family?? 🥰 I love her so much, she is so natural and cute 🥰

  • Who wants home alone with jin of bts it would be so fun and the oter members can be part of it too!!!!!???? Bcz I want

  • I need Hwasa to have her own mukbang show!! <3

  • SoapySoapy

    Author Reply

    I just love the members in kpop groups who are foodies, when i see Hwasa, or Rose or Jin eating I'm just- YES. I feel that.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ i love hwasa so much

  • My mom doesn't even cook.

  • 👏👏😇❤ k pop

  • ابي اعرف أيدول وين يودوا فلوسهم