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Hwasa is Having Truffle Jjajang Ramyeon Today~! [Home Alone Ep 282]

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  • No se pero veo mas delgada a hwasa sera que su empresa la habra obligado??? Pero hwasa si ves esto quiero decirte que te admiro

  • Hwasa is not really a picky eater hahaha, I even more like her now hahaha

  • Her skin be brighter than my future

  • I'm glad that unlike a lot of other female idols, she doesn't starve herself and enjoys food.

  • Hwasa: opens mouth to eat
    The host: oH what?! OH surprised Pikachu face
    They need to stop acting like they don't know these things 😐


  • Seeing her eat it makes me fucking hungry and its the middle of the night

  • I taught that there are worms in the thumbnail.

  • Is it just me or does Hwasa remind me of rose from blackpink, they both like to eat and their talking voices are similar and they kinda look alike!!😅

  • Hwasa just looks so pretty without makeup !

  • Bts watched this it's says

  • I added truffle oil in the fire noodle one time and I almost threw up, added too much even for someone that loves truffle. but that was half of what she added…

  • Hawasa im houngry now

  • Hwasa knowwws how to eat 🙂

  • 내가 그 걸 먹을지 모르겠다 ^o^

  • hwasa knew about covid-19 😳😳 what a queen.

  • everyone who sees hwasa for the first time would say that she’s a badass but she’s actually a pure baby hyejin🥺

  • I tried truffle pizza it was really good

  • The amount of times I have watched this video is ungodly.

  • She so beautiful when not wear make up ♡(∩o∩)♡

  • deadass thought the thumbnail was worms instead

  • I like oily foods too like Hwasa

  • CarolCarol

    Author Reply

    Wtf why are they trying to criticize her so much, they're always looking for something to point out.
    It's her live dude, now I get why depression is so common in Korea, they're judging you all the time

  • I hope Hwasa won't eat my favorite food, cause it will get sold out

  • So pretty❤️

  • Hwasa has a very nice smile and her teeth is sooo perfect

  • OMG. Hwasa's very beautiful without makeup. look younger😭👍🏻♥️

  • Shes the type of person who looks stunning from every angle