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How will Haha React? Will He be Surprised?! [Running Man Ep 430]

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  • missing haroro's tantrums but now she already have a wifeeee wahhhh missing those days

  • He went from this 😐 to 👁👄👁

  • 하하형은 진짜 장가 잘 간듯

  • Why does he look like he got caught doing something bad?

  • JoeJoe

    Author Reply

    Haha and byul look so similar..its uncanny

  • Byul worked really hard in this episode. Haha and her are such a cute couple.

  • ❤️

  • She's so pretty. Byul somehow looks like son yejin especially her eye smile.

  • what ep is this ?

  • bring sun bin back to running man without telling kwangsoo!!!

  • Does anyone know the song playing in the background?

  • the most genuine wtf reaction

  • The most funny thing here is kwangsoo freezing, like why the hell is he freezing like he did some kind of mistake to her before lmaoooo

  • Byul's vibe is awesome. Do invite her more. The other lady guest…. weird vibe.

  • How will haha react? Of course, its "haha"

  • She reminds me of a older version of Sinb from Gfriend

  • Now i want Ji Hyo, So Min, Sun Bin, Byul, Seok Jin's wife, Jae Suk's wife to team up against their couple
    Ji Hyo-Jong Kook
    So Min-Se Chan
    Sun Bin-Kwang soo
    Jae Seok and his wife
    Seok Jin and his wife

  • I want all of their couple coming!!!! Hahahahah.
    Their wives and Kwang Soo's girlfriend.

    The ones who singles can be race-partner like Jong Kook-Jihyo and So Min-Se Chan.

  • That sudden change in expression, that bluntness, remind me of Gfriend's SinB a lot

  • someone answers me why do they wear those sweatshirts and then cover the name of that channel with tape

  • I thought its sinb from the pin just now

  • This ain't the first time i saw this clip but HaHa really came in and go "hyung.." first 😂

  • When Wife come home first, then you're late😂

  • someone know what background music at 1:15 ?

  • They should get all the members of running man wife’s idk about Jong kook but get them as a secret guest so they can be shook on their faces and song jihyo partner too their wife’s will probably say I’m allowed to come on running man too 😂 you know

  • until today, i can't stop laughing when Haha freezes 🤣🤣🤣

  • lol kwang soo reaction is so funny 🤣

  • Shes so beautiful. They're such a beautiful couple 😍

  • she looks like ha yoonbin , former member of treasure but in female version lol xD

  • 정말 좋은 부부 네요 ♡

  • byul getting too much pretty !!!!! haha is so lucky

  • i m really love this couple

  • AriAri

    Author Reply

    When she saw haha and kwangsoo's face, 'I'm a celebrity too!' LMAO!!

  • 1:16 Kwang Soo’s subtitle: long time no see, Mrs. Ha! 🤣

  • Byul is really pretty! She has a very charming face TT

  • i wish jk with jihyo
    haha, jaesuk, seokjin with wifes
    kwang soo with gf

  • Byul smiled with her eyes when she saw haha☺️