How To Start A New Game In AC Unity (PC Only)

Start new game on Xbox One:
Start new game on PS4:

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  • so i have a view questions… so will this reset my account so all my montures and assassin rank or just my story game I mean I want to replay the story but I want to keep my assassin rank (legend i grinded 7 days for it) pls reply 😀

  • I don't have any of those folders….

  • In short, for steam:
    C:Program Files (x86)UbisoftUbisoft Game Launchersavegames[Uplay ID Number]857

  • To anybody watching in 2020 or the future, this video is no longer enough. You also need to disable Uplay cloud save for you to start a new save file without the old save file being re-downloaded and overwriting it. To do this, open the Uplay game launcher and select Settings. Un-check the option Enable Cloud Save Synchronization for support games. Now you can delete your save data and start a new save file like in the video (for steam users you delete folder 857). Once the new save file has been created and saved locally, you can re-enable the cloud save once again. The next time you launch the game with the cloud re-enabled, you will be prompted to choose between the local and cloud save file. Choose the local save file to upload that to the cloud so there will be no more save file conflicts.

  • It´s ridiculous you have to do this shit to start a new game.

  • for me the folder is empty…

  • After i took some changes because of lag, my whole game menu changed..whats the real story here?, starting with the kids playing hide and seek or with Arno searching for Elise…brainstorming

  • My game looks different I’m confused

  • thxxxxxxxxxxx it worked for Rainbow six

  • this works in 2020 april 22 exactly like the video says

  • I just came to your tutorial because i got to playing the game very late, and it still buffles me how ubisoft wouldnt implement a proper savegame system after all these years

  • If not working go to the game folder and go to saves and delete those file you see and open game and see new game will start

  • You have to watch a fucking video to just Start a New Game. WTF is wrong with UBIFOST. Thanks, man this still helps a lot.

  • Thanks 😀

  • fuck ubisoft

  • Thank you so much.🙂

  • The game keeps recreating those folders every time I launch it.

  • What if my assassins creed unity isn’t numbered 720?? I don’t want to delete the wrong game. How do I find out which is which?

  • Thank you, i love you, no homo

  • Very useful, thank you

  • hello if u guys dont have ubisoft but only assassin creed then
    1) Go to My Computer
    2) Local Disk C://
    3) Program Data
    4) Orbit
    5) 720
    6) RLD!
    7) Delete all the files in RLD!

    Now you can play new game in AC Unity ( Only for PC )


  • Thanks Fam!

  • LucaLuca

    Author Reply

    Thx man

  • yea my saved games arent there ffs

  • To be honest there are many minuses in Ac games in older games you cant crouch and controls are really bad and in new ac games you cant start a new game well done ubi

  • When i done than i couldn't open ACU

  • Omg thank you. It should not have been that hard.

  • kwaukwau

    Author Reply

    thanks this really helped

  • This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in a game. The idiots who came up with this should be fired and never get a job in game design ever again.
    Thanks for the vid.