How to Level Up Fast in Kingdom Hearts 2 – Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

Today I’ll show you how to level up fast in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix!

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The MOST Misunderstood Cranial Nerve Exam ASMR
  • This guide is still a great help to anyone wanting to level up

  • That's incorrect even With 100%Health You Still Get The Boost

  • You can go to pride rock with the gull wing and go up to the top with the millions of heartless and just destroy from there

  • How the hell do I get the gullwing keyblade

  • hihi

    Author Reply

    Gotta get second chance guys!

  • ESF1ESF1

    Author Reply

    Lvl 1 players be like

  • The guy says theres more methods but so far i have found the same method multiple times so if someone knows a different method link it to me

  • Does the fifty percent health apply to critical mode too, or do i still have to damage myself?

  • Thanks! This got me from around 50-99 in only a couple hours.

  • Thanks Cynnical ,this video really helped me!

  • rip this method on crit mode

  • Dude thank you for making this video! I needed it for that lvl 60-90 jump on critical mode 💪💪💪

  • These exp boost don't count if goofy/Donald/etc kill an enemy I'm getting 1000 but goofy gets a kill and I get 265 😩

  • Yeet I need to level up to fuck up Xemnas

  • hey guys… new video guys… show you guys…
    make a script and then read it

  • lol im level 50

  • Can this work in the English version.

  • i pefer going to yen sid's tower in twilight town and have nobodies because it is helpful for people who are having trouble fighting roxas in the world that never was.

  • what are the XP boosts?

  • I use the Gullwing method as well, except what I do is this:
    1. Start at the Brink of Despair
    2. Enter Nothing's Call and let either the Snipers or the Dancers cut my health down to 1/2
    3. Go through Nothing's Call, killing all the Nobodies on the way
    4. Enter Crooked Ascension
    5. Kill the Dragoons that appear and enter Twilight's View
    6. Immediately return to Crooked Ascension and kill the Samurai that spawn
    7. Go back through Nothing's Call and kill the enemies since they have respawned.
    8. Repeat.

    When I did this I also memorized all of the enemy spawns, the quickest and most efficient ways to kill them, and how to defend against their attacks so I can prevent any more damage from being taken.

    If anyone wants the strategies I used, reply to me saying so.

  • And I saw it in the garden of assemblage

  • IcieeIciee

    Author Reply

    Its not working, riku keeps healing me 🙁

  • UdonUdon

    Author Reply

    New grinding spot discovered by me!!!! In Timeless River! Go through Mickey's house and LVL grind there, then go through the other windows in the house. They will just keep appearing.

  • It would help to add that the gullwing keyblade is found by talking to the gull wings, which are Yuna and her friends, after the battle with a 1000 heartless. They're at the entrance of the cavern of rememberance.

  • Thanks for this. Didn't even know EXP boosts were a thing in this game. I guess I didn't read the Gullwings description slowly enough. I usually just skim and read pretty fast… but it took me really fast to level up w/o them so ig imagine how much faster it'll be with them when I do my critical playthrough no equipment.

  • And I'm to weak to fight ventus (the first guy from organization 13)

  • Yo i need a lot of help on this game same with BBS

  • Do this method in Final Form and you can do it even faster

  • If I play KH1 Final Mix first, then play KH2 Final Mix! Will I be able to carry over my stats from KH1 FM to KH2 FM? You know, my items, my health stats, my MP stats, and such, from KH1 FM to KH2 FM? Basically if I play KH1 FM will I be able to be stronger going into KH2???

  • I'm level 60 on critical. Idk what 50% of my life bar is considering my max HP is 60

  • How dosen 't cynacial not have more subscribers than pewdiepie

  • Similar technique, same thought with the exp boosts, get into critical health, go to the top of pride rock (wher you face scar), just use magnega and thundaga, you can also use and limits (I especially liked the limit with simba here). The enemys drop mp, but have a few ethers on hand. The enemies are only small ones (I think they drop around 150 exp with all exp boosts equiped) But there are hundreds. Once all are killed, go to the end of pride rock (where rafiki holds simba at the start of the movie) and head on back. You can gain a level every minute up til around60-70 but in the 90's it takes around 1:30-2 mins per level. I went from around 50 to 99 in just over an hour

  • did u play on easy mode or veteran ? and vs terra you play on easy mode?

  • Cynical thanks for the guide I hope If you can make more than those because it is very useful this guide but can you make a guide to how to beat vanitas lingering spirit

  • Gull Wing Keyblade only gives you an XP boost in a "Critical" moment meaning your health has to be flashing red

  • My hp is at 70hp and wont go up.
    Any help?

  • BennyBenny

    Author Reply

    lol is this begginer mode


  • if you summon stitch and put magnet and thunder in your shorcuts it will make it twice as fast


  • What is the scariest heartless in kingdom hearts

  • I have an updated version to level up fast, and level up final form. now, start at the beginning of the world in the alley and right away burst into final form, take a few hits, then go right through the world to the end, each final level up will make for longer runs, even to the end of the world in the later final level ups. If you are going through a kingdom key only run, put the gull wing in the final form slot, and you'll get its benefits, equip the experience stuff and there you go. you level up like a road runner on speed, one level every run until you get to the higher levels. use that thundaga, and magnega and you're set.

  • yo what happens if I do the strugle without getting touch is there any difference