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How To Download Windows 10 Pro & Home FREE [ORIGINAL Windows 10 ]

This is original windows 10 download method, the windows 10 pro or home ISO file is directly downloadable from Microsoft website, which means its original windows 10.

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  • im watching this in 2020

  • can i get pro workstation for free ?

  • Pro… Free?!

  • My laptop have pre-installed windows 10 due to some error i have to do factory reset but between factory reset it stuck on 31% so I cancelled it therefore my windows got corrupted and I installed pitated windows how can i recover my genuine windows
    Edited- and where can i get my product key

  • Sir can you make a video where you can activate windows 10 pro and home single language for free?

  • where is windows 10 pro does it come

  • everything is cool but ur accent is fake and annoying as fuck you could have given sub titles for people outside india dude

  • can we crack that windows 10
    Its win10 orignal so!!!!!???????

  • The voice of a scammer

  • is this genuine

  • why does it say that i chose to download Windows 10 Education?
    How do i choose to Download windows 10 Ultimate or any other version? PLEASE REPLY NOW!

  • it doesn't say anything after windows 10. How am i supposed to know that it's home or Professional version? also, my data will be saved or not? like my pictures and other information? Please answer quickly!

  • Bro i need to download winows 10 home single language but i tried your methods but in that when i select for another computer create iso in nest screen it only showing me winodws 10 there is no other options what can i do really need help bro please

  • Umm do you know why the checking for updates are staying at like 15%

  • can it update when my PC is turned off ? And btw it shows me just Windows 10 option

  • Wait… can I get pro for

  • Still work?

  • What is size of win 10

  • i can install windows 10 only!! With out hone or pro… why?

  • why does my PC keep lagging and sending me to a blue screen after installation. I can barely get it to boot up

  • Nice sir

  • great work bro.

  • so i need 4gb of internet for it

  • using bsnl connection

  • When I download this, will it automatically have Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc? And I can use those programs immediately? Sorry for the stupid question…😓

  • Do I have to back up my data/files before doing this?

  • Will this delete all my data during the installation or during the upgrade? I'm currently using Windows 10 Home and decide to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. Nice Video Btw

  • Should i need to download the 2nd link? Or not?

  • When i start my setup on Edition i have only Windows 10. How to install home? Pls help

  • bro how can i install windows 8.1 to windows 10 without lost data plssss plsss make video plsss

  • Where to backup my data?

  • I have windows 10 home single language nd becoz of that i cant use domain network . If i download it will i be able to use it ??

  • what if this does not work and is this virus free??

  • hi is it the newest windows 10 instalation?