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How To ACTIVATE/CRACK Windows 10 For FREE | 2020

You don’t have an activated Windows 10? Want to get rid of the watermark and unlock all features? Follow this easy guide and you will have your Windows 10 activated in minutes.
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  • Easier updated tutorial (2020) can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgtYxUIFmSk&feature=youtu.be

  • Thanks Bro , you doing a great Job!!

  • Thank you… at first Win10 would not let it run. I tried to use Run As Administrator, Used Takeownership Pro, finally it ran… Auto KMS was not install-able… greyed out… installed both of the other two…that did it… The newest update changed some settings, it broke my activation… needed something to fix that…THANKS!!!

  • Tysm

  • it really helped me a lot thank you

  • Question: When i go to product keys, do i need to change the "product" to windows 10? or keep it as windows vista?

  • My window is also 10 pro but Its giving error that the software licences services reported that the product key is invalid….what I do now????😓😓😓

  • does this still work bois?

  • Hey bro does this permenant activate windows???

  • not working and the exe dissapears, careful !!!

  • vxsqivxsqi

    Author Reply

    these comments botted?

  • it didn't work. help..

  • You are awesome bro! Thanks it helps me a lot!#aroyalsidegaming

  • thanks


  • Didnt work for me.. 😣

  • thanks bro i subscribed and like the video and turn on the bell thank you so much

  • It only works for like an hour or two on Win 10 (home), idk why.. in the past it's worked just fine for months.

  • hi what can I do when i click on activate and program says……. System.IO.FileNotFoundException:

    at System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHRInternal(Int32 errorCode, IntPtr errorInfo)

    at System.Management.ManagementObject.InvokeMethod(String methodName, ManagementBaseObject inParameters, InvokeMethodOptions options)

    at ..( , String , Boolean , String , Int32 , String , String , Boolean , Boolean , Boolean , Boolean , Boolean , Boolean , String , String )

    at ..(Int32 , Boolean , String , String , String , Boolean , String , Boolean , Boolean , Boolean , Boolean , String ,  , Boolean )

    at ..(Object , DoWorkEventArgs )

  • thx bro

  • Oh man! It works thank you!

  • it syas that microsoft toolkit is a virus why is this

  • doesnt work now tho ,try the cmd method it will work i did it and under 2 minutes windows 10 pro was activated

  • If you delete this programme that installed it will not work


  • dude u r the best

  • kyskys

    Author Reply

    is this legit ?

  • it did not worked. the toolkit was cannot be downloaded

  • Hi sor my anti virus not allow to go to this site..what can u do now??

  • It worked, thank you!

  • Not working showing(The Software Licensing Service reported that the product key is invalid.)

  • Your second link is not working.I can't download that file from the link.but the other one with the keys is working.

  • Chinese English 😂

  • JurkiJurki

    Author Reply

    In Title 2020 and you posted this video 2 years ago but nice video

  • It works…Thank you

  • jap still works!!!!

  • Ransomware :/

  • i have a question…. can i do this while i keep my windows defender turn on? because i have pirated windows most probably and suddenly im getting a notification on blue bar saying that my windows will expire soon..

  • Not work anymore

  • I did what u said and now it says window not activated!

  • If you guys didn't notice, he is using a VM. Cracked applications in order to get things for free is most commonly a malware. In this case, he is using a VM so his computer would not get infected by the malware he is giving. If you want to risk your computer and making it in danger like hackers has access to your system and more. Without the users knowledge, it might looked fine at first. But in reality, he was stealing private data from you. Im not trying to be a boomer here but don't download these kind of applications and just activate windows the original way. There is a possibility that this comment will get deleted so @MRleyer32 does not get leaked or get exposed that he is giving malware/trojan/PUP/etc. To other people. Like this comment (If not deleted) so you can save many computer users around the world.

  • The keys site is not available. The url shows its pastebin.com

  • nothing happens when I run the toolkit program pls help