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Haha Confesses 7 Years Of Running Man Destroyed The Members’ Bodies!

Haha Confesses 7 Years Of Running Man Destroyed The Members’ Bodies
HaHa talks about the serious injuries ‘Running Man’ members have from being on the show for a long time. HaHa talked about the pain that many variety show members went through.
He revealed that because of being on shows such as ‘Infinity Challenge’ and ‘Running Man’, he had to have surgery on his spinal disc. He revealed, “My spinal disc problem became so bad that I needed to undergo a procedure. My 7th disc burst seriously. But I couldn’t say that I was not well. I thought everyone went through the same thing. It could be that my doctor was exaggerating, but he told me I was almost paralyzed.”
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  • im really happy that the new rm episodes have less physical activity, as the whole cast is aging and it just prevents all the serious injuries:] i really hope rm runs on for a long time, even with no physical games cos the cast’s chemistry together is rly strong and funny:((

  • Now I got it why current RM is not same with old RM. Old RM contained sooo much games that need physical power. The current RM is only basic games or talk session but it's still funny for me. I hope RM will be last for longer time even if it's only talk session or games that doesn't need too much physical strength. Song Jihyo also in her 40s, her strength is not same with Song Jihyo in eps 100 anymore.

  • I’m glad the new pd doesn’t make them do extreme games anymore. But let’s face it they’re getting old they can probably handle another 2-3 yrs seokjin is gonna be 60 in a few yrs, and jaeseok is getting old too, they’re gonna have to end the show and if they replace all the members no one is gonna watch running man anymore. They’ve been doing this for 10yrs they can’t keep going with this show forever. I rather have them end the show then have them replace the members with new ppl it’s better that way.

  • The running man I don't know what happened am I scared

  • but look at them now, still running in 10 yrs😊 let's just pray for their health☺️

  • I am disgusted, the members work so hard, even fighting their pain just so they can make others happy and lift their spirits. I thank you Running Man….사랑합니다, 런닝맨

  • And people still saying the show is boring because it's not as actice as it used to. They need to realize that all members are human being. They're aging and so is their body. Talking about injuries, Jong Kook got injured his ankle during the football game in a few previous episodes. Though she is fine now, but So Min needed to take a rest. I believe Kwang Soo also needed a longer rest after the accident. But somehow, either because he worried too much or else, he came back before he was fully healed. And when his condition was a bit better, he got injured again because he pushed himself too much. I'd rather choose this show ended than seeing people demanding them to be more active and funnier. Either that or just enjoy the show as it is. To me, it's still fun to watch, especially during this hard time. So please be more considerate to them.

  • They are not teenagers or athletes so im impressed that they didnt quit except Gary for diffrent reason

  • Lame

  • Welcome to Korea, where its either you suffer but others don't, or you don't but others will succeed, it's a lose-lose situation there…

  • Cc GgCc Gg

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    Running man i honestly love you guys❤️😭

  • So sad 😢 to know that almost all of them RM members got injured during their shootings and the latest was Kim Jong Kook whose ankle was injured. Upon watching every episode, these celebrity really tried their best even to the point that they're being hurt just to make their fans and viewers satisfied with the show. I just hope the next episodes will be less physical and more on just comedy talks.
    I love all RM members but I love most is 💯 Kim Jong Kook and Ji hyo..🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️

  • What u do for living?

  • Think positive, they just make money to live.. there are some 10xtime more painfull job than variety show

  • This is so wrong!! So all we are watching wasn’t fun but torture! 🙁

  • I really wants to show this to every people who judge RM says not funny like the old episode because no mission with psycal like they used before. And alwaysbsays because jeon so min RM is not longer funny. They dont know member RM survive with a lot injuries. Thats why now mission is more simple. Because RM maknae member is 33yo. And the oldeat is 54yo. They not always young.

  • Day will come that RM members will be replace

  • Well the end of running man didnt happen..


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    At least he gets paid millions and a celebrity. Some people work in constructions lose their hearing. Some lose their fingers in accident, and some have lung problems cus of the bad air at construction sights.

  • Haha oppa fihhting!!!!

  • The members are getting old, they got lot of injuries for the sake of entertainment.. honestly, I don't care if they don't do much heavy physical game anymore or even run too much now.. they can do easy game but still exciting to watch, like cooking or mind solving game etc, I'm just happy to see the members talk to each other. Some might say it's their choice/job but seriously people need to understand too. I really appreciate their hardwork for making people laugh. Fighting Running Man!! 10th year anniversary is approaching!

  • i honestly miss the old version of RM but for them to pay by risking their health just to entertain? I THANK THE PD AND ALL CONCERNED PERSONS IN MAKING RM WHAT IT IS NOW. games that are bearable (in what i see idk in reality since they arw the one doing the activities) I hope they're all continue to stay safe.