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Ha O & Jam Jam make dalgona coffee! [The Return of Superman Ep 325]

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  • Jam jam is so adorable ❤️

  • Omg jamjam so cute😭

  • 7 years in running man dalgona coffee is nothing

  • I think jam jam looks a little like seulgi

  • My sister just use blender…istg, who wants to stir 400 times? Lmao 🤣

  • Why jam jam looks like yiseo from itaewon class

  • jamjam is like the strong and badass girlfriend type and ha-o is the smart sweet bullied type kkkk a great combination 😂

  • Jam jam already decided her future career she’s going to be an MMA fighter 🤣🤣

  • 매우 웃기는 하오, 하오 같은 아이들을 원합니다 😘

  • Haoh and JamJam beat all of the korean drama with their romance😂


    Author Reply

    It was my second times watching jam jam segment and what I think from this video was she's spoiled a lot by her parent and has bad mannerism with her friend (so agrresive, grab his hair just for attention, push down him and start getting angry when he said she's unpretty)
    But when I saw the comment section people said jam jam is cute.. I was so confused. Then I searched for other video of her and saw she actually a very kind and soft hearted girl… omoo what's wrong with this segment with hao, I misunderstand her

  • Cutiessss 😩💖

  • Haoh you better not be cheating on ms park

  • electric mixer says hi…

  • Jam Jam just too cute, loveable & very nice to be with, HaO cried wants to be with her ..

  • Jamjam is so thoughtful☺☺☺

  • Jam jam….. Xoxo 😍😘

  • aaaahhh kyoo

  • Jam Jam is really cuteeee omg

  • 0:14 The way the photos shifted from Daniel to Twice. LOL

  • I sometimes feel , jam jam is like haru , best intention in hearts but don't know how to express

  • 1:09 this bgm reminds me of kwangsoo😫😂 i hope one day, gary will be able to visit running man as a guest along with haoh^^

  • jam jam is very cute like her father .

  • Really love jam jam

  • I heard kwang soo BGM here 😅

  • 0:12 it's great to see that in Korea, everytime TV, media and radio talk about DALGONA COFFEE they talk about KANG DANIEL Dalgona, even putting clips of his video on Vlive… He was in the 'Fun Restaurant' when Jung Ilwoo showed the Dalgona Coffee and Daniel was so in awe and promised to do it too… It was in November but cause of his sudden hiatus he couldnt but he kept his promise and made the Dalgona in March in a vlive, since then his clip is using everywhere in Korea