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Geography Now! Hungary (ft. Nick Uhas/ Nickipedia)

Seriously, these guys are technically Asian.

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  • You know this was actually one of my favorite episodes ever filmed. Nick was awesome to work with and we had lots of great info from you Hungarian geograpeeps. Hope you like this one. OH and I meant to say "European Union" not "Eurozone" in demographics

    And oh yeah, many of you Hungarians have asked me to say this, "Bojler eladó."- I don't get it but There you go.

  • It's ironic how Hungary is associated with hunger, even though we have tons of wheat and other crops.

  • Last of us Part II Ellei : tell a man who suffers more than me
    Hungary:Dictate of Trianon

  • 但也好喜歡😘!但在這裏有點難怪自己不要緊緊纏鬥的時候都覺得是什麼時候可以去問看不能讓開的是你家是不是:)

  • HUNGARY 🇭🇺 is AWESOME 😎 你不能把持得以為何覺得你應該會被自己嚇到人是有、在一個人都有一個人都有一,我的心

  • you guys should stop punching each other. 😂

  • A LinA Lin

    Author Reply

    Starting to think poles are jealous of finns/estonians

  • I see Hungary, i click like…

  • Imma just drop this in:

    Im the Only Romanian that doesnt hate you guys <3

  • 🇵🇱 ❤️ 🇭🇺

  • Is anyone watching this in 2020 when Hungary is almost a dictatorship? And Poland helps them. (And is almost a dictatorship too)

  • ohh I know why Poland and Hungary are best friends. They've been HUGE in the middle ages and now they are both stuck in ridiculously small lands and have no influence on world affairs 🤭🤷🏻🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Man, I am not Hungarian but it made me uneasy to see Nick pronounce the name of Budapest wrong.
    It's /BUDA'PESHT/. Apparently the S in Hungarian is actually pronounced as the SH.

  • I'am Romanien where is Transilvanien……….In ROMANIA! We habe been there for 2000 years now 1000 but I'live in germany and I'am Romanian from Bucharest but I have real tives in Transylvanien❤❤🇷🇴🇷🇴

  • Hungary has ulmauts!

  • Ki magyar ?

  • I am from Poland I see my second country which i Love I hit like. Magyarország <3

  • One of the best episodes!

  • Magor and Hunor :)))))))))

  • I'm simple Polish person, I see Hungary – I like.

  • You didnt break down the flag, I hate u

  • do you think Vision is hungarian (Marvel-Civil War)

  • I'm laughing every time, when you said Hungarian words with angliai accent.

  • Székeny

  • I'm from hungary.

  • Fuck hungary lmao

  • Quiz question. Which city is richer? Budapest or Györ? Guys you forgot 1956. I was there in early 1989 waiting at the border for my east German friends. Now I live in Hungary. mmmm What am I?

  • 75197519

    Author Reply

    He's part Hungarian yet he pronounces Budapest wrong

  • 6:07 – they're best of friends – all that matter

  • ItchyItchy

    Author Reply

    Transylvania is Romanian land.

  • Great video, I loved it! But I was not ready for Orbán to pop up on my screen like that lmao

  • Why is turkey scared of hunagry

  • Hungary flag exists*
    Kurds: its free real estate