Game & Watch: Snoopy (Panorama Screen) (1983 Nintendo)

Emulation: MAME (Compiled before 0.221)
Game Artwork: DarthMarino (Link:
(This is not playable on any official Nintendo platform, although simulations of this game do exist.)
Schroeder is playing his piano. Snoopy must hit the colored notes flying in the air to avoid waking up the Woodstock. If a note hits a Woodstock, he will wake up and a miss is earned. Snoopy also misses if he falls off the far left or far right platforms. When 300 points are reached, all misses will be cleared. If you reach 300 points with no misses, you will receive double points until you earn a miss. In Game A notes fly up in 3 positions, which change whenever Snoopy misses or Lucy kicks Schroeder’s piano every 100 points. In Game B, the notes fly up in all 4 positions.


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  • It's basically a Peanuts, Panorama version of the Game & Watch game Vermin, but instead of a man with two mallets and gophers for enemies, this version has Snoopy with one mallet, and music notes for enemies to whack.

  • I have always loved the tabletop versions of game & watch. I still have my dk jr from childhood. Can’t wait to see it and Popeye on here. Where are the roms available?