Fairies Gone, New Turn 1 Rule & More!

Andrew Mahone covers the recent announcements and changes coming to the Pokemon Trading Card Game with the release of Sword and Shield in this Pokemon TCG News video.

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  • Bring back fairy types.

  • Me: protecting my sylveon

  • So They basically hit the reset button back to where Gen 4 and Gen 5 is at, but with different changes

  • So glad I'm done with PTCG. Fact I can't attack first turn is disgusting in itself

  • How to ruin a good trading card game.

  • It's not good that they are not printing fairy types anymore. My little girl was very upset! She loves Sylveon! Psychic Sylveon? Espeon's gonna be like, "Sylveon! Just WHAT do you think you're doing?!?!"

  • Better stay in the games, or the fairy Pokémon are gonna rape employees

  • I hate this new rule to get rid of fairy’s, it was my favorite type and I even built a deck around it, why take out one of the most enjoyed types with lots of flavor just like dragon types, I’m just disappointed and I think I’m just going to flat out quit

  • Why couldn’t they keep fairy Pokemon but use psychic energy? Like rock and fighting use the same energy, or ice and water use the same energy.
    I think arguments on to make it easier are rubbish. Pokemon is one of the easiest card games to learn. It’s easier to learn than say magic the gathering or yugio or other TC games. If it’s printing. Costs then why not make fairy Pokemon just use psychic energy as I said above? No one saw this coming no one was complaining. If dragon is still in play how does removing fairy make things balanced?

  • Why was there a problem of who goes first anyway? Even if who went first was a. Slight advantage? Iv always flipped a coin to see who goes first. It’s fair. Now people will just say second after flipping a coin. Either way people will always choose the most advantageous way.

  • So what happens to sylveon? We can’t have 2 types of psychic eeveelution’s. There’s already espion. I think Pokemon’s decision to drop fairy is dumb especially if they keep dragon. I just want to know from Pokemon themselves WHY.

  • You missed one of the key points in the wording 'up too 2 cards' and that is that if you only have one support card in your discard. Pal Pad is not a dead card and can be used.

  • With the fairy deal, does this mean that once this goes in effect we have to change the type of our current fairy card and treat them as psychic or are they just in the process of not making fairy pokemon now?

  • It took me this long to realize it, but does anybody here know anything about what might’ve happened to Derium’s?

  • Dude I love the PTCGO platform! any tips on how to rake in those full art trainers?

  • Fisrt turn rule hurts evolving decks a little. This gives more power when you win the coinflip too, cause you can decide who gets to use supporters first.

  • i just subscribed!!! you are awesome!!!!

  • The new forms and expansions are going to look good can’t wait but no supports on the first turn it hurts

  • The TCG dropping Fairy is dumb. Oh well….

  • Now I no longer even want Galar Pokemon in Go. They ruin everything they touch.

  • lol Pokémon TCG just honoring dexit

  • Fairy pokemon gone, that's a surprise

  • Losing fairy is really sad. I like the other changes but im concerned the attacks on pokemon are getting too generic. Like how many hydro pump water attacks do we need in 1 format? How many "you cant use this attack on your next turn" do we need? We are losing GX attacks so that takes away strategy, game appears to be getting more boring. Thoughts?

  • :v god damnit I just had finished designing ratios for my cube.

    i guess it's just going to stay frozen in time, no way I'm getting rid of Silveon-GX from the list.

  • Although I don't play the Pokemon TCG, I'm glad they're getting rid of some of the unnecessary text like "before you attack". It takes up too much space for something so obvious.

  • b-but why???
    what does fairy did wrong??

  • Now psychic will be weak to dark and vis versa and dragon will be either weak to psychic or dragon. Time to bait out your opponents tag team first then one shot it right after with weakness.

  • Fairy's should be colorless again like Clefairy, Clefairy were back in Base.
    Koffing becoming Darkness… bleh! Koffing is either Green or Purple. NOT BLACK!

  • Only a matter of time before Sword & Shield will not be allowed in the expanded format that we know it as now. It will be the start of a new block like black and white is the start of the current expanded.