Dpat – OVER ft. Jaiden Stylez (Bootleg)

Jaiden Stylez put his amazing vocals to Dpat`s song called “Over”.
Excellent track … I listen to it over and over again. Unofficial video.
All credits for Dpat and Jaiden Stylez.
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I used the short films by Julia Robert and Renzo Vasquez
I do not own the copyright for the video and music that I upload and will remove it immediately upon request from copyright holder.
No copyright infringement intended.

[Verse 1: Jaiden Stylez]
I am not your average guy
I don’t like , laying in bed
Head to head , i like the cold instead
You wouldn’t listen ,i wouldn’t stay
And that’s what you get you’re caught, you’re too late

Don’t come crying to me luv
I ain’t bout that life
Drunk love boiling on the stove
You lost what was once in sight

[Hook: Jaiden Stylez]
Its over x3
(Dont come back)
Its Over x2
(Don’t come back)

[Verse 2: Jaiden Stylez]
Just show them all your regrets
Then you can lay them down
Let me tell your secrets
But they don’t make a sound

Only you are all alone
You just slow me down
Can not fight what’s not allowed
Don’t ask question now,it’s too late

[Hook: Jaiden Stylez]
Its over x6
(Don’t come back)


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