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Did Kyu Hyun Say Hee Chul Will Become the Masked King? [The King of Mask Singer Ep 242]

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  • Okay so, why don't we have all Suju members here since almost all of them have visited here already and to think that this show is somehow terrifying to be part of but them? Oh well they just happened to be talented. Stan Talented ajushis, Stan legends, Stan Super Junior. ✋

  • Kyuhyun always give Confidence to Heechul to singbecause he knows the capability of Heechul
    when it comes to singing,

  • Heechul you so cute and your voice is so lovely Kim heechul love you so much 😊💕

  • 0:17, i love this caption, hahaha he really is universal star. Everyone in the industry knows heechul, ahhh im a proud Elf <3333

  • Kim Heechul caught my eye in one of knowing bros ep….. He is handsome and has a great personality….. Who wouldn't fall for him?

  • love you Heechul, love you Heechul

  • I have to comment to this I’m so proud of my bias for 13 yrs

  • when 'super junior is an idol group that debuted 16 years ago' appear i feel so old WOW

  • I love when he does that with his tongue💕💕

  • I know him first on weekly idol. Then he becomes one of my favorite korean icon. Love his presence and sense of humor. His closeness to a lot of girls. Love watching him interact with hani. His personality is really one of a kind. im a buddy and the way he treat gfriend when they tour on his house is really adorable. Love the way he treats them like his own sister. Really like him how he shows affection on twice momo. I watch knowing brothers because of him and ended by loving all of the cast there.

  • He can sing really well despite of he almost cut off his tongue because of car accident.

  • Sorry I am new here. Did Heechul got eliminated or did he won?

  • SM 😍

  • He is the most beautiful man alive.. he neither age nor his beauty changes..

  • No one knows about your voice? We the ELF know your mesmerizing voice so well! That's why we always beg you to release your solo album! 🙁 I dont understand these ppl who eliminate you for the third round :/ When I heard the other video I was totally shocked… Cant understand k people at allllllllllll

  • Super Junior- M playing in the background tho 🥺

  • I can't even imagine the kpop/k-ent industry without Kim Heechul.

  • just think about it…the dude is able to copy most of the dances from 90s to now,even girlgroup choreos while having remains of a bad leg injury,he mostly sings and raps to immitate and troll people,but is able to pull it of or to sing along with the likes of kyung hoon…how can you even make the assumption he would not be able to sing and dance…he has the respect of nearly everyone in the korean music industry,dont forget SM entertainment insta took him in the auditions(though he was late) where so many famous stars have failed…even lee soo man saved heechuls carreer by allowing him acting instead of music in the beginning cause he knew what heechul was truely worth…and now put in his memory and riddlesolving skills and the character he developed in the time…truely the universal superstar

  • his tongue turns me on tho

  • Waaaaaaaaaaaait, that song is Break Down by Suju M right??? I miss them

  • JJ

    Author Reply

    Heechul is a king

  • Okay but I'm so emo to hear Super Junior M-Breakdown ins at the first time……
    Oh my OT15 please be happy💙💙

  • Bat ang ganda ni heechul taenaaaaa, diko na alam kung sino maganda eh si heechul or si momo lol HAHAHHAHA

  • Who is the girl next to Chungha?

  • I mean, if you're an Elf you would automatically know how great Heechul's voice is, he sings a lot SJ's ballads and b-track songs. Some of my favourites are his part on 'Islands' and 'Evanesce'. His vocals were just powerful. It's so sad that the general public don't know this. I hope he will become more confident and debut his own album so many people can know and hear his beautiful voice.

  • All knowing brother member has appears here, except jang hoon, and min kyun hoon, i hope he can come here, min kyun hoon vocalost of buzz

  • 1:27 momo changg

  • wtf he's so pretty?! i give up being a girl 😂