CCG Graveyard ► Luck and Logic! [Waifu is Laifu: the Game]

► Waifu is as Waifu does

Welcome to my new mini series – CCG Graveyard! Here I cover dead card games from gaming’s dark and seedy past. CCGs from the 90s are an interest and passion of mine so those will be the main focus – but topics can vary from any year! Let’s get to it!

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Songs by Ultrasyd and Adhesive Wombat – check out their awesome work here:


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  • Where did you buy them from?

  • Kinda like the arts and foiling. Might have to pick some up

  • I did buy some of L&L when it was new and as much as I love that art work I regret that since no one else around here was interested from it. It's why i haven't bought even one starter deck for The Caster Chronicles since no one around here is interested from it and I rather not waste my money on TCG that no one else wants to play. I did see Bushiroad Championships having L6L tournament so it must have plenty of players in Japan. Also WoW TCG is next eh? That is one TCG that brings memories. Namely from how broken it was under UDE.

  • Look no further than FoW's The Caster Chronicles for some lewd art. Fun game play and some of the most pushed card art I've seen. Can't go wrong with that.

  • I like how the cards look for this game. It's pretty neat, and some of the foil patterns are awesome.

    I only demoed the game once at GAMA a couple years back. It was pretty fun then.