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Can Jae Seok Eat Jjajangmyeon in 23 Seconds? [Running Man Ep 485]

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  • Ofcourse he can doit

  • Can i know why the blurred jaesok’s mouth?

  • Me: If jae suk can eat noodles in 23 seconds, then I can eat noodles in 23 seconds
    Also me: chokes
    Also me: ..he..lp…

  • Can someone tell me the the gimbab story?
    I forgot what happen with gimbab

  • Jung juha can do it in 10 sec

  • Lol the kimbap thing 😂😂

  • I really want to try that noodles

  • Bagussss

  • 팀워크! 🤣

  • Three korean food that can always make me drool and crave it as soon as I see someone eating it: pork belly, jjajangmyeon, and soy sauce marinated raw crab (I have never even tried this and don't think I would like it).

  • Jong Kook saw his opportunity and immediately covered Jae Suk away from the PD & cameras XD

  • why haha angry hahaha any reason?

  • 1:31 That’s my Running Man family 🥺♥️

  • At least they were fair on this. Food eating competitions are like this as well. You can still have food in your mouth when the time passes and they let you swallow what you already have in your mouth. RM is usually ridiculous with rules

  • Ep 485? Thats almost as long as one piece..

  • belom liat tanboykun aja

  • He can get indigestion and choking

  • I remembered jb of GOT7 while watching this video. Jb was able to eat jajamyeon so fast in their idol room guesting 😂😂😂

  • 😨

  • This is what makes me watch running man forever, they are the best when it comes to this😂😂

  • I like their teamwork. Hahaha.

  • Just like what my Little League Baseball coach said once a long time ago, "If you ain't cheating … you ain't trying."

  • To bad kocowa cut the part when yeobin falls in the beginning. It's sooo funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • PD the common enemy

  • Jaesuk should enter a noodle eating contest

  • PD nim knew Yoo Jae Suk didnt finish the noodle. But their teamwork make him approve it 😂

  • Is kocowa apps available in Malaysia ? If it is not, please make it available 🙏🙏


    Author Reply

    Where can I watch RM.?? Plzzz

  • I laugh so hard when try to blur jaesuk mouth,,, 😂😂

  • that broke flute background music tho😂

  • Kogowa ..please post a video when sung oh slipped….that has to be the most funny of the year…I can't stop laughing for 10 minutes when that thing happened 😂😂😂

  • 10 seconds teamwork of RM.

  • I love how KJK was the first to step forward to cover Jae Suk hahahahah 😂😎

  • What episode is the gimbap

  • After Gary left and no more name tag game, Running Man feel like empty..

  • the fact that he was actually able to eat all of that though oml lmaoo

  • Kang sora❤💜

  • wLawwLaw

    Author Reply

    Which episode is the gimbap ?

  • I like the way how they support jae suk even they were not even in same team. LOL 😂

  • In the past kjk torment haha with strenght, nowaday he torment haha with words 🤣😂😂🤣

  • NewtNewt

    Author Reply

    The way they tried to give Jae Seok more time to eat by gathering around him 😂😂😂 I love RM!

  • 10 years of Runningman experience and team work! Still 💕 and miss 7012 but 9012 has grown on me😊

  • I AM CRYING LMFAO did they really gave to pixelate Jaesuk’s mouth like he ate dookie?!?!!! 💀💀

  • lmao they're most united when they cheat ahahaha that's 10 years of teamwork right there

  • Kjk oppa and his childish grudges💕💕💕Oppa, your the best💗💗

  • The kimbap grudge lmao

  • I love how haha kick jong kook butt

    It means he already tired with him 😂😂😂😂

    Wow 100 like 😂 please help me by subs my channel guys, thank you

  • I love it how they covered him 🤣🤣🤣 nice teamwork

  • Kocowa TV: can 재석 형 eat a black beans noodles within 23 seconds

    Me: yes he can do that if he wants to