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BTS departs to Hong Kong for MAMA

Today of November 28, BTS departs to Hong Kong for MAMA. But there are different Jin’s airport fashion at ICN Airport. Jin wearing Hanbok today at ICN airport to go to Hong Kong for MAMA.
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Quyết toán GXD kiểm soát thanh toán khối lượng hoàn thành, phát sinh trong ngoài hợp đồng như nào?
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Sig đẹp trai kể về chuyến đi du lịch Las Vegas cùng bạn gái? :p
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Phố Cổ Hội An về đêm sau thời Cô Na vẫn đông nghịt khách du lịch

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  • Jin wkwkwk love u

  • Jin 🥰 🥰🥰

  • I still can’t believe they always go through with the penalties. I’m still shocked and happy.

  • Did someone saw suga

  • Ohhh my god i love seokjin-shii

    Look how he is taking his picture so precious!

  • Lolll the penaltyy!!!

  • 진 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Vlive run staff be punishing dufferent

  • other people: woah, such respectful, korean culture, so brave
    ARMY: so it all start from ep.33-

  • lmao imagine airport security checks

  • Whoa even Madonna and Tom Cruise are not escorted like that

  • All BTS members look like Jin's bodyguards, because Jin is very dominant when different costumes. Because He is Worldwide Handsome 😘

  • Jin pulled it off with so much ease..it complemented him bcz hez tall and handsome💜

  • Probably he is the one who never wears mask..

  • Jin is the best 🌛

  • He is looking so cute ❤️

  • They always do this…. Everytime when someone loses without complain they accept it.. everyone if them and this is such a sportsmanship…this may apperas nothing but when you look deep this is one of the reason why they came so long and going so high.

    Acceptance without complain ❤️

  • what if Jin starred in a TV series about historical drama in Korean Dynasty times in Goryeo, and He wear that Hanbok, I wish that to happen

  • The 7 dislikes are from all the 7 members lol