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Bentley is Being Slapped with Milk!! [The Return of Superman Ep 312]

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  • Rip reply button

  • Om cameramen puas bgt kayaknya lihat ben kecipratan milk

  • bentley's face when he saw shin dongyup was so cute, he even tried to touch his face lol

  • Riweh banget wkwkwkwk

  • 0:45 the cameraman laughed for cuteness bentleyy🤣

  • Subtitle indonesia 🙏

  • 0:45

  • It's cute!! Having kids in awards night❤️

  • This year best icon of tros gonna be Ha o and Bentley

  • I rlly love TROS Cameraman, they are such crack 😂
    Theres them adoring Ben and William
    Have fun w triplets Daehan Minguk Manse
    Hyunjin CD cant even rescue Hao JamJam
    Hao fav CD is Park CD (female)
    The singing competition in Do's Family
    Gunhoo Farting Uncle
    Naeun being cute to the Camera Directors
    CDs helped the kids a lot
    There are more moments but cant rmb tho

  • even the cameramen is laughing beacause what bentleg does

  • The cameraman be like: omfg that so cute, whoops gotta film that

  • I feel bad for laughing so hard

  • Bentley is soooo cute and funny as always. ❤❤❤😊

  • I laught because the reaction of those cameramen 😂

  • The cameraman is me😂😂😂

  • anyone else notice jongmin in the background at 2:00

  • I just like how the cameraman is laughing behind

  • you always made my day..ben🤣🤣

  • I laughed so hard thanks to the cameraman 😂✨

  • Why was youtube recommended me child pornography judging by the thumbnail and also im not jared fogle released from jail what the fuck

  • I've watched it for many times but the cameraman reaction was the best one ahhh so cute ㅋㅋ

  • So i'm not the only that's keep looking at the cameraman reaction.

  • 😁😁😂😂
    cute bentley 💞

  • Bentley is too cute😭❤️

  • OscarOscar

    Author Reply

    0:48 Look at William on the left-bottom.

  • LubaLuba

    Author Reply

    I am missing Sian and sisters 😔

  • Cameramennya kayaknya puas bgt lihat bentley kesemprot 😀😀

  • Cameramennya kayaknya puas bgt lihat bentley kesemprot 😀😀

  • still cracks me up everytime i watch this clip 😂 poor ben ben~ hahahah

  • ChiyaChiya

    Author Reply

    love how cameraman saw it coming😂 and tell me are they gonna say this is script?😏

  • Who is uncle mimi??

  • 0:45 The cameraman in the background is so cute. May I marry you?

  • The two cameramen at the back's reaction killed me😂

  • 0:45 Loving the cameraman’s reactions to Bentley 👏🏻🤣😂💗

  • 0:45 Loving the cameraman’s reactions to Bentley 👏🏻🤣😂💗

  • Jam Jam aww ♥️

  • Cameraman's thoughts on 0:46: wow this should be filmed nicely.
    Cameraman's action: laugh so hard. Just simply can't focus.
    Cameraman on 1:00: back to work while laughing
    Bentley: it's over. You lost your chance (with milk shower left on head)

  • Cuties

  • Bentleeeeyyy

  • Happy 💕💛💜💙💚👏👏👏👏👏

  • Cameraman at the back is so cute 🤣🤣

  • They whole shocked 😂

  • It feels so good to see Sam lead this group as hwijae used to lead the old team

  • Jam jam!!