ASMR Doctor CRANIAL NERVE EXAM Roleplay! Testing Your Senses, Light, Gloves

ASMR Doctor CRANIAL NERVE EXAM Roleplay! Testing Your Senses, Light, Gloves… A roleplay to help you relax, feel tingles, and fall asleep 馃檪

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  • You're voice is monotone!

  • She has just too many gloves

  • Best smile in the world#1

  • I liked your axle #asmr #madi, I was wonderful with you explaining.鉂ゐ煈

  • Madi: Did you hurt your head again?
    Me: Yes…
    Madi: Sixth time this week, odd isn't it?
    Me: Hehe

  • What happened
    Copied Jake Paul by running into a wall
    How is it
    Any with things I just said
    Uhh I didn't listen

  • she has the cutest nose! that sounds weird but mine is so long and hers is a button nose and i want it so bad haha

  • she has that weird look in her eyes…. distant, glazed and just a strange gaze…. this common trait of a psycho/sociopath….馃槻

  • Quarantine brought me back here

  • This is the most beautifull girl I've ever seen鉂

  • BOAH

  • 馃槮鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  • I have an exam tomorrow and I鈥檓 sat here using this to relax …and it鈥檚 working 馃檪

  • 鈾 鈾 鈾 鈾 Another wonderful video on your channel, I'm always looking forward to your new videos. This one completely conquered my heart and I really liked it. Wonderful, wonderful, perfect, with everything as always, always perfect. 馃檪 馃檪 !!

  • 鈥淐an you look up?鈥
    Nah cuz I鈥檓 too busy looking at your adorable little doctor face

  • Have watched vids from all the mainstream asmrtists today and this gal is the only one who鈥檚 given tingles 馃挀 subscribed 馃挀

  • I like that she is not a full sell out

  • The whispering part was my favorite!

  • If it weren't for asmr channels, videos, and people like this, I'd probably not be able to sleep.

  • O narizinho mais lindo do mundo

  • #gretathunbergofASMR

  • Helen Keller: *exists*
    Madi: You passed the exam!
    Helen Keller: What?

  • What is her name and age. Please

  • You gotta be the finest asmr girl imo

  • why does she remind me of Emma Watson

  • me: *relaxed*
    ad: hEy tHeRe sHoE wEaReR!!

  • i鈥檓 hella gay for u please marry me

  • Wonderful 馃

  • My Doctor: so have you had a check up recently?

    Me: yeah i have about 3 cranial nerve exams a week.

    Doctor looks at me like WTF

  • She's one of the best at whispering. Her voice is audible velvet. The only thing I think she needs is a character series, perhaps? Other than that she's perfect.

  • Tender Doctor Madi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!