[ASMR] Cranial Nerve Exam Roleplay (Soft Spoken)

One of my most requested ASMR role plays is finally here. In this cranial nerve exam enjoy personal attention, glove sounds, ear to ear whispers, paper and pen sounds, gentle crinkles, tapping, and scratching, and face touching.

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  • Hi everyone, I hope you love this role play! As some of you might know the laptop I use to record my ASMR videos has died 🙁 If you are interested in how you can help keep reading. If you are not interested please just enjoy my ASMR videos ^_^ that's already plenty of support so thank you <3

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  • DavidDavid

    Author Reply

    TingTing is a Whovian

    Or it’s a green screen thing I don’t know

  • who's gonna tell her that her keep calm sign isnt actually about real doctors and it'sva doctor who reference?

  • You have a sweet voice, that I got hooked on the exam #asmr #tingting, you are very smart.❤👼

  • I think TingTing needs a physical location for in person asmr sessions! Like a massage therapist. I’d bucket list that!

  • What lipstick is this? What color? It's amazing! 🤩

  • How are you always soooooooooooooo cute.

  • Loving the Doctor Who posters in the background!

  • Which lipstick is that? It’s gorgeous 👄

  • Des TDes T

    Author Reply

    So pretty great vid ❤

  • the ad i got for this one was an ad for asmr so it was very quiet

  • Tingting, I did not know you were a Timelord! We are in good hands then! Lol
    Do not forget to use your sonic screwdriver

  • eggoweggow

    Author Reply

    So relaxing

  • This is what you see before she reveals a kickass uniform, ties you down and turns you into a superhero

  • Dr. Tingting: Do you know what this smell is?
    Me: I know I know …. orange?
    Dr. Tingting: yes this is orange!
    Én : I finally hit at least one :") …

  • Im here at 666,777 views 👀

  • At this very moment she has 666k views…STOP SCROLLING GO TO SLEEP AND LISTEN TO TING TING OR GOD SAKE 💀🤣

  • Oh. My. God. When we had to guess the taste, for the penultimate, I thought of coffee. The answer ? Coffee. For the last one, after being shocked, I said to myself: if you guess the following, it's your lucky day. I thougt of chocolate. The answer was chocolate.

  • Best asmr ever!!!

  • at the feeling test
    Her: now close your eyes… •taps face•
    Me: e y e s ?
    Her: forehead? Good
    Me: fFFFFFFF-

  • I only pick Asian girls for asmr, first time I realized this I was 17 and my coworker was a Mary kay sales rep and the only one that showed up was me, she gave me a complete facial, as she whispered. ..OMG. ..the tingles were UnReAl

  • Tingting I'm in love with you. Seriously. But apparently, so are about 1.06m other thirsty dudes 🙁

  • Love the doctor who reference

  • Thankyou for the darker background!😍😍

  • Her skin is whiter than my teeth