Asian Cooking Star /First Impressions/ Walking Into 3 restaurants

One more Cooking Game on the horizon. Enjoy!!!

The description of Asian Cooking Star
New Restaurant Cooking Games filled with madness, travel the Continent and serve delicious and exotic Asian cuisines.
Also, it’s a crazy time-management kitchen chef game filled with cooking madness and craze.
Tired of Playing other Greedy and hard cooking games? Well, look no further! Play the top cooking game for FREE. Asian Cooking Star is a sequence of our other most popular cooking game – Indian Cooking Star!

Time-management features will keep you on your toes at every level in this wonderful chef’s restaurant & kitchen games.

Variety of Mouth-watering food & kitchens:
Best Time Management Indian Restaurant & Cooking Simulation game available on the App Store.
Explore varieties of Food: Start your culinary journey from China and explore various – cuisines and food from Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Thai, South Korean, Saudi Arab, Russia, Singapore in this addictive and spin of one of the most popular and top-rated restaurants cooking games.

Travel & Cook in Exotic Regions:
Travel north, south, west, and eastern part of India. Cook and own a variety of restaurants in these amazing cooking games.
Be the best chef in the region and become a master chef.

Region 1: China
Cook Noodles, duck, rice, and other popular Chinese food of the region.

Region 2: Japan (Coming Soon)
Cook Sushi, Bento box, Sashimi, Onigiri, Ramen, and other popular Japanese Cuisine and food in the Japanese food region.

Region 3: India (Coming Soon)
Cook Naan Roti, Curries, Fish, Dosa, and other popular Indian cuisines and dishes in this region.

Region 4: Thailand (Coming Soon )
Cook Pad Thai, Seafood, Thai curries and other popular Thai Food in this region

Time Management Cooking Simulation Game:
Well, it’s fast-paced, easy to play, and hard to master the cooking game. One of the best cooking games for the casual gamer.


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