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All time favorite guest Lee Sang Yeob is back again! Runningman Ep. 392 with EngSub

March Main Program Broadcast Schedule
5PM Wed. Master Key
9PM Wed., Thu. Should We Kiss First
7PM Fri HOT K-Pop Show
6PM Sat Law of the Jungle
6PM Sun. HOT Runningman
8PM Sat., Sun. Return

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Sebarkan berita ini kepada orang di sekelilingmu^^

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  • I need to know which episode is 0:29

  • From all guest runnning man had.
    These 4 guest really match with the running man cast & show. They dont feel like guest at all. But more part of the running man familie

  • i miss sang yeob in running man,plis bring him back :'<

  • The best set of guests! I don't have any problem with screentime.

  • He handsome 😊

  • i want these 4 guest again, they are and the rest of rm member are so funny 😭

  • "They are all weird" HAHAHAHA wishh these 4 comes back

  • I miss him🥺

  • This is the cast we want. All of them permanent.
    Dahee's weirdness
    Jin young's aegyo + jongkook controller
    Han na's cuteness and awkwardness
    Sangyeob's betrayal talent🤣

  • Imagine if the mew member was Sang yeob and Somin, their can be the 2nd Moday couple for sure. Just can’t root for Somin and the current guy.

  • Hong Jin young is so sexy omg

  • If Da Hae and Sang Yob become real member i believe many running man fans will be happy because bot of them is hilarious and unique in their on way😆

  • That iKON song 😢

  • the best 4 guests of all time.

  • I love sang yeob

  • Love scenario ❤ !!!!

  • Someone knows the title if the song when sang yeob enters ?

  • This clip made me missed LSY again. He is great in Running Man

  • I didn't know he had such great talent for variety shows. I first saw him in Signal (K-Drama) and he couldn't look more miserable there. I thought he had a serious and reserved personality, but it's actually the opposite! He's sooo goofy! Love him.

  • he can always take seok jin's place if seok jin would ever consider retiring anytime soon.

  • The start of awesome running man series. This 4 extra member really give their all. Salute!

  • i cant help but see eric face in him

  • Ikon7

  • Gosshh when ikon's song played ,cant stop falling my tears .I'll miss you BI though you're always in my heart

  • Gosshh when ikon's song played ,cant stop falling my tears .I'll miss you BI though you're always in my heart

  • ayo masuk rm!!

  • He hides a variety talent. Don't stress too much Sangyeob oppa. You do variety from time to time. And more acting

  • No. Don't make him a permanent member.. a regular guest, if that makes sense, would do. It's best if he doesn't run out of "gas" too soon.

  • He is handsome 😍

  • 👍👍👍

  • No subtitle?

  • Dahee is my type

  • Challenge dance RM hime hime