AC Unity: How to start New Game. Assassin's Creed Unity tips

Unfortunately it is not possible to start new game in Assassin’s Creed Unity. You may want to start new game because of many glitches on the game launch. Many people unlocked chests, but content disappeared and chests disappeared, missions cannot be finished, want to start new game to record Let’s Play, etc.
The only one way to start new game so far is to go to PS4 Settings, System Storage management, Application Saved data, AC Unity and delete all saved data and profile using Options key.

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  • I did everything and it took me to the beginning

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  • It's so next gen that they forgot to add new game option but hey atleast there is Estore

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  • For me it says press square I don’t even know why I’m here lol

  • I just star to play it but if i am delate all my save will it keep my helix credits or will it keep items that i hacked with helixs or not so i can feel safe to delate it? I wait for a reply

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  • So they announce Valhalla and I think, hey why not replay all the AC Games as we lead into final one of this console generation and I need a fricking YouTube video just to do that. God this game sucks

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  • This only seems to work if your online…. How do you do it if your offline and this crap is stuck on your system?

  • I don’t people realized this when the game first came out but you can literally just replay the story in your progress tracker. Why the fuck would you want to wipe your save and start all over.

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  • Please say how to start new game with weapons and equipment

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  • Does this delete my clan too or is the clan a cloud save?

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  • I expected you to pop the game disc out and throw it into the trash.