5 Easter Eggs/Secrets THAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW About Jaden/Yubel [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links]

Welcome to the first Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Easter Eggs/Secrets video on my YouTube Channel! Today I’ll be showcasing 5 different facts about Jaden/Yubel that you may or may not know about. Tell me in the comment section down below if you want me to continue this series and also comment down below if I missed any facts about Jaden/Yubel

Jaden/Yubel Voiceline Credit:

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  • What color are each of the eyes when they change? I'm colorblind and can't tell. Can someone please let me know?

  • Why did I click this video, I don’t watch Yugioh do I? Just checked my watch history on Crunchyroll and I have watched them what did you do wtf 🤣

  • 13:37 neos kluger says hi

  • If it was really that easy to get over 3000 than I would have one every single yugioh battle using deskbot 4

  • jaden/yubel eyes chance color when playing Neos wiseman

  • "That you didn't know"
    I know all of this though…

  • I got a duel links ad on this video 😎

  • It could've been a contact fusion

  • If Wiseman was a fusion you could turbo it out with Neos Fusion

  • One thing, even if you destroy wiseman by battle u still receive your monster's attack as damage. For example if u destroy it with a 4k atk monster you will one shot yourself. I did one shot myself once with Flare Neos xd. My point is even if it's easy to go beyond 3k damage it's still dangerous and OP. But yeah it's really hard to summon without convert contact, space gift, next combo.

  • Yami yugi and jaden/yubel have a line

  • He also has voice lines summoning elemental hero grandmerge and elemental hero shining flamewinged man

  • I’m gonna win that mt dew!

  • There is also a new voice line with yami yugi

  • Jaden/Yubel has a line with Atem/Yami Yugi as well and it was awesome! But that's all I discovered so far!

  • It was hard unlocking Jaden/Yubel but it was worth it now im Building a Mask Hero Deck😄

  • why no trudge x mai , trudge goes all gaga for her.

  • They can’t do that cuz NA never released the 4th season

  • yubel das abscheulich ritter,Yubel – The Detestable Knight.
    Yubel – Das Extremer Traurig Drachen,
    Yubel – The Extremely Sorrowful Dragon".

  • 5 Easter eggs…. I counted 3

  • 0% chance of win rate, like the chance my crush would love me

  • I’m only here for the giveaway

  • F.CF.C

    Author Reply

    I knew everything here beside one ;—-;

  • Yo wht007 u forgot another major critical voice line of jaden/yubel in Ur vid 😂😂😂😂 u only showed Yugi muto and yusei fudo …there is another character which has a voice line with jaden/yube ..😂😂😂😂

  • jaden/yubel has special line when dueling yami yugie/atim

  • Dude I knew about the dual voice lines even before the charechter was released

  • I was so close to unlocking Challenge 5 but it required 1 Millions Points, I was 200,000 Points away, I log in today and see that the event has ended 😢

  • Do Yugi Muto

  • I like the Japanese voice better

  • Jaden/yubel is the coolest character ever, The japanese audio is soo fucking awesome. The english audio sucks though.

  • Hello! Well my memory goes by thanos watt and I’m back from holiday! yay so I can watch catch up videos and be late … 😿 GREAT

  • Even if they destroy Neos Wiseman they trigger his effect

  • Forgotten Jaden/Yubel's lines when he faces the Pharoah (Yami Yugi).

  • If you approach Yubel with Jayden/Yubel the game will treat it as if it is the same character.
    ie: blue cubes around the character when not facing it at the gate

  • Hype code red in back brah

  • Who cares about the mountain dew give me that fresh ass water

  • NgrtoNgrto

    Author Reply

    yo wtf, this isnt minecraft

  • Nice vid wat hopefully i win the giveaway

  • I love how you just casually meme out of nowhere then move on like normal in every vid. One of the reasons why I watch ur vids ❤️

  • I wish they made me Neos Wiseman a fusion they literally ruin the card by making it in effect monster it's almost impossible to summon and there's no way anybody is going to do it so any possible competitive use for it has gone down the drain

  • For the voice lines you forgot that jaden/yubel has a voice line against atem/pharaoh

  • The bait on the likes tho…
    That's a true mark of a YouTuber.

  • I mean yubel will also end up getting 4 summing animations…
    Yubel and sacred beasts

    I would also like you to talk about Yugi muto next :3
    (Reason why…no summing animation for dark magician for him yet)

  • Code Red, wat007 a gamer confirmed??!1?

  • He's dub Yubel summoning dialogue is so bad. It's so emotionless. The japanese version is show how much important is Yubel for him.

    BTW Judai/Yubel have voice with Yami Yugi too and it's a different voice.

  • Didnt yubel have 4 summon animation too?

  • I kinda like the original jaden more then jaden/yubel

  • Those voice lines are dope. I only had one earbud in so I kinda jumped when I put the other one inside.

  • I'm here for the 0% chance win rate