12 Games of Christmas – Stocking Stuffers

Tom, Sam, and Zee share their picks for excellent (and portable) gaming gifts for everyone!

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  • Did Sam say Raven Haven? 😀

  • Got myself Star Realms and Niya for my stocking 😁

  • Flapjacks N' Sasquatches, Hanabi.

  • Love these videos every year!

  • No Button Shy games?

  • The Mind
    6 Nimmt
    No Thanks
    Cockroach Poker
    Isle of Trains
    A Fake Artist Goes to New Your
    Deep Sea Adventure
    Star Realms
    Lost Legacy

    Now THOSE are small games!

  • Oooh! Dinos. I am missing Crypt, Birds of a Feather, Ganz Schön, Pigment and Songbirds… 😛

  • 1.) Deep Sea Adventure 2.) Skull 3.) Hero Realms 4.) Tiny Epic Galaxy

  • The. Mind

  • Sam:



  • Fantasy Realms would be a great stocking stuffer.

  • Re-Gifting? Or passing on the blessing?

  • Love these videos. Miss the Christmas music intro from years past.

  • Stocking stuffers: Crypt, Circle the wagons, Claim, and the small sub game that escapes me 😀

  • TCTC

    Author Reply

    They keep looking off-camera, and talking really fast. I wonder if they're trying to keep pace with a timer.

  • Might be a bit big for a stocking but I would go with The Ruhr, Coal Baron, or Power Grid.

  • I’m putting Gloomhaven in my stocking

  • You need a ample size stocking for some of these games.

  • How about some of ButtonShy’s more popular games, such as Circle the Wagons, Tussie Mussie, or Sprawlopolis…also a good family/party word game in Handsome

  • Big Dig and Silver and Gold are quite similar. Which do you like better?

  • Love the idea of this!

  • If they were going to do a Christmas-themed version of Point Salad, then it should definitely be called “Point-settia”.

  • how will you know if we create it? How will we be found to be entered…?

  • Are silver and gold or point sald available

  • Great ideas! I would add Fox in the Forest and Claim to the list, and also almost any Unlock or Exit game.

  • I'm just gonna say it, if you don't get your loved ones a stocking big enough to fit Tainted Grail, how much do you honestly love your loved ones? I know, I know, I did just say that but we were all thinking it.

    But you say hold on a minute, I already got Taiinted Grail for my loved ones after you recommended it in a previous video, than good on you friend! Don't worry, I know the perfect stocking stuffer for you! The Tainted Grail companions add-on. Comes with 4 cute little animal companions, fits easily in most stockings.

  • No whispers of “hail Hydra” from Tom! Bummer!

  • Can't register GStone in Ireland currently…….. looks neat though.

  • I bought draftosaurus just to use the meeples in dinosaur island

  • One of the best gateway games: Sushi Go!. Fits in a stocking and less than $10.00

  • “Gloombirds” 😂

  • “If you have a fire, which most people don’t” Lol 😂 we’ll most people IN FLORIDA don’t 😂 most people in freezing cold 🥶 places DO….even most cheap apartments in the PNW have fireplaces. 👍🏻

  • Sprawlopolis!