12 Games of Christmas of 2015 – Stocking Stuffers

Tom Vasel, Zee Garcia, and Sam Healey each give 4 recommendations for good Stocking Stuffer Games for the coming Christmas season.

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Age of War –
Red 7 –
Love Letter: Batman –
Star Realms: Colony Wars –
Eminent Domain: Microcosm –
Tide of Time –
No Thanks! –
Cardline: Dinosaurs –
Welcome to the Dungeon –
Dice Masters: Age of Ultron Starter Set –
Over/Under –
Sushi Go! –


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  • No Thanks! (5:30) is brilliant, a true gem.

  • Age of War is fun but it's too easy. We've modified the rules so that you have to defeat each castle's line of defenses in order to capture it.

    Surprised you didn't mention Love Letters to Santa, since this is a Christmas themed episode 🙂

  • Thanks so much for this! I was looking for some good stocking stufffer games! This is Perfect!!

  • I wish I had known they were doing this list! Would have loved to see if they thought WAR for the White House, a new card game would have made a great stocking stuffer.

  • Dungeon Busters is also a fun little game. what did you guys think of that one?

  • Another great list guys. I would also recommend Sail to India, The Great Heartland Hauling Co. and Valley of the Kings. Three great games that fit in a stocking. Merry Christmas!!

  • Please make "top 10 games every hardcore gamer should own". Or every ameritrasheuro -gamer should own 2015 edition – something like that.

  • Another great, small card game, is Archaeology. Tom gave it high marks. A quick, market trading game. You collect sets of 2-5 cards (artifacts), trading in cards at the market, for others to complete your sets, which you sell to the museum for points. There are also thieves and sand storms to take away cards before you can sell them. The game moves along very quickly. Easy to learn. And a fun game to play. Highly recommend it.

  • Great video!

  • Is this for smaller (in size) games or relatively inexpensive games?

  • Can't really agree with Red7 – it's OK for the first 15 mins, but then there's very little game in there as you often don't have any choice on which card to play. And adding the optional special powers in just made it (according to the people I tried it with, who are a heavy strategy gamer and a light, casual gamer) too fiddly for what it is. (and by "the first 15 mins" I mean the total, lifespan, playing time, rather than a continuous play time, over which any micro-game would get tired)

  • Great video, love the shorter format. I can't watch the "usual" top 10 videos anymore… these new ones are short & sweet.

  • Hey is there a list that y'all have a about which smallworld expansions work well with small world underground not the ones that the rules have to be at changed or adapted for play

  • I would add Biblios and Jaipur to this list.

  • Tides of Time is overrated.

  • Valley of The Kings!
    The Grizzled!
    Rivals for Catan!

    Also Tom's logical, list appropriate choice CAVERNA!

  • Oh, and the new reprint of "For Sale" in the smaller box would make a good stocking stuffer, too! Forgot that one yesterday.

  • Little red tiddleywinks had me rolling.

  • Well, some love for Reiner Knizia from Sam!! Who would've thought?

  • I am surprised Zee did not suggest the collection of games which include Bus, Fly, Taj…those microgames he rated highly

  • Anyone else play the game "Coup"?

    I love that game so much.

  • Wait…no banter? This feels weird.

  • No Santa Hat = Disappointment.
    3 of Sam's 4 seemed very unlike his usual tastes. Thought for sure Balloon Cup/Pinata would make his list.

  • I wish they had linked their other xmas videos in the description

  • I really appreciate the cute Christmas production value on these.

  • These lists make choosing games so much easier.

  • Some good suggestions here, but this felt really hurried. Were you trying to keep it to 10 minutes or something? I would have preferred the normal lively discussion that usually comes with each game.

  • I like how the table has been raised, as if in response to Zee's list from the essential game room top 10.

  • Top recommendations! There's so many great games in small boxes. I'm particularly fond of Timeline and Sushi Go. I would add 6 Nimmt, Brew Crafters Travel Card Game and Cockroach Poker to the list.

  • Niya. Come on. that game is awesome.