10 JRPGs You Should NEVER Play When Your Parents Are Home

CRAZY JAPANESE VIDEO GAMES. Games from Japan include a lot of crazy content we’re not used to in the United States. Some of these games should never be played in front of your parents!

This is TheGamer’s list of 10 JRPGs You Should NEVER Play When Your Parents Are Home.

Have you ever played any of these games?
What controversial game have your parents caught you playing?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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Japanese video game culture includes some mainstream hits like Mario and Sonic, but gamers also enjoy a whole subculture of games known as JRPGs. Japanese role-playing games feature mature themes, crazy violence and some really bizarre storylines. See these crazy games and the reasons you shouldn’t be playing them with your parents.

Criminal Girls and their various sequels include missions where a man tries to save girls from their sins and performs all kinds of inappropriate acts. The Vandal Hearts II game features violence, attacks against woman and some of the craziest blood splatters seen on the PS1. E.V.O. Search for Eden follows the story of evolution and may go against your parent’s beliefs. Monster Monpiece is a collectible digital card game where players collect female cards and do some pretty weird actions with them. EF: A Fairy Tale of the Two follows the story of characters and their personal lives. With little to play, the game features a lot of mature cutscenes. Fan service should have been the name of the game with the release of Hyperdimension Neptunia. Explore the inside of your toilet in the classic action JRPG simply entitled Toilet Kids. Featuring suicide and cannibalism, the Digital Devil Saga should never be a part of your living room video game collection. The bizarre world of Cho Aniki games features a lot of mature content and scenes where your parents may ask questions. Watch to see all of these JRPG games and why they should always be played in the comfort of your room with the door closed.


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  • Yeah your right it lame when your parents see this 😒😒

  • Since when are Visual Novels, Shoot em Up and Platformers JRPG? xD

    That aside, my Parents know I watched Highschool DxD and so on, I'm pretty sure they won't be shocked unless I'd play one of the really messed up Games which I think got banned almost everywhere.

  • Hyperdimension Neptunia does not offend females at all. I love that series.

  • There is a reason, why this video has 6 k dislikes..

  • Come on man, Neptunia isn't THAT bad.

  • PE LMAO no, the baby scene at the end lol. That is NASTY.

  • This is some liberal Democrat soy boy review. Wtf

  • Hyperdimension Neptunia is the best.. you are a heretic!. Nepu Nepu!

  • this one is CRAZY too

  • This guy is a dipshit. The Hyperdimension Neptunia games are great. And are not "sexist" or "exploitative".

  • woke alert i said WOKE ALERT back away now before its to late this channel has gone to the retard side

  • The title relates to his audience

  • Counter rate in criminal girl 2 was fckin insane

  • Erm… Parasite Eve… the thing about Aya wearing a leggy gown shows that someone didn't actually play this game for very long. She only wears that for the first part of the game. The reason she's even wearing it is because she is on a date, attending an opera. After the day ends, she wears her normal outfit for the rest of the game, which includes jeans and a jacket. Not only that, but the rat that goes through metamorphosis is far from the most grotesque scene… Sheeva's metamorphosis is WAY more grotesque… let alone the infant form of The Ultimate Being or pregnant Eve.

  • The gamer:Don't touch any game that will make you feel ashamed afterwards
    Me: the only reason I'm here is to play these btw do you know what a jrpg even is?

  • What if I do wanna play this game around my parents and my friends?

  • You're joking my parents let me play these what's wrong with you just buy a switch

  • PM is a charming cute game and then… you fingering the screen…

  • evenicle not even on the list ?! WTF

  • You forgot Nekopara

  • I played Hyperdimension neptunia in front of my parents and they didn't care they were disgusted but GTA 5 was another story they hated that one game makes me sad lol

  • Back in the days when Parasite Eve was new, I did play it in front of my parents. Me cussing at a particularly difficult boss was the only thing my dear old mother remarked upon. "I didn't think he knew some of those words," was what she told my father.

  • If enjoying bouncing breasts makes you feel ashamed you got some serious issues dude.

  • K, so what is the game of the pic in the miniature?

  • First mistake: "PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND RING BELL!!111!!!" right at the beginning. People who do that almost never get a subscription from me because it's so damn annoying. Just put it at the end.
    The list itself is…meh.
    Second mistake: Parasite Eve is "sexy" or so because Aya runs around in a dress? I can't even…Anyway, PE was the best game besides Resident Evil 1+2 back then. Also, JRPG? Really?

  • You can tell this doucher hasn't played these games and is just reading from a bad script. Insult me all you wish, but you never insult Parasite Eve or HDN.

  • Don't tell me you've never looked at a womans boobs bounce when they're running down some stairs or have never looked at a part of a womans body you found attractive. Get off your high horse. Any straight Male that denies ever doing one of those things is either a liar or actually gay. Sorry ladies, these are just facts.

  • Unless your parents bought them to play themselves…

  • Heads up, once you get to EVO it loses the point of the title.

  • Why.. is EVO on here.. can it even be considered a jrpg in the traditional sense?

    Edit: NVM

  • Link?

  • honourable mention: never speed run the original metroid games in the same room as your parents

  • And clearly these people havent played any hyperdimention game.

  • Looks like I'll be getting these games

  • I know Mortal kombat is not for kids , but I am 12 and i play with my dad

  • Good job there at keeping an open mind, and whats with the obsession with peoples parents.
    These games obviously were not designed for children, stop telling people how to think or what to play.

  • Wait why is school days not here

  • Why did u say Content From Japan Ppl in English are not used to? I'm used to anime.

  • A proper list to not play when your parents are home;
    1.Dark Elf
    2. Killing Time
    3. The Heiress
    4. Material Girl
    5.-10 really any game made by oneone1 because they all feature graphic rape scenes, you can sell yourself for money, being nice to someone = rape, loosing a battle = rape, and so on. DOnt ask me why i already have a few of their titles listed i have definitely /never/ played these games in my life PFFFFFT

  • What's the hate against Neptunia? It ain't so bad. I for one love the awesome music, and most of the games have good story and characters.
    Rebirth 3 can suck it though. That English dub is horrible.

  • How dare you I f***ing love the Neptunia Series it is the best JRPG in my opinion don’t ever say anything bad about Nep Nep again or I will dislike another one of your videos

  • 👎This video is filled with overreactions by poster.
    👎👎Doesn't know what JRPG means.
    👎👎👎 Vandal Hearts
    👎👎👎👎 Neptune
    👎👎👎👎👎 The poster is a cuck

    💩💩💩You should work for cnn💩💩💩

  • So Japan hates violence in games but has sexual content

  • My perents let me play res7 biohazard at 10 I wonder if my parents let me play a little more bloodier game?

  • soiboi

  • I sear I had to re watch the parasite eve one  cus I though the voice actor said  "want to watch your parents gay" XD