10 Fake Game Over Screens You Need To See

GAME OVER……………………………..just kidding.

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Rainbow Magic
  • What about Kingdom Hearts 3 battle with Master Xehanort?

  • No undertale?

  • Undertale?

  • 4:41 Blandest game over screen ever

  • I think Arkham Asylum's Scarecrow encounter should be #1 on this list. That was the best plot twist/fake game over screen I've ever seen

  • What about just shape and beats?

  • Why the hell isn't hitman blood money's ending at top of the list??? Please answer

  • What game is it at 0:40?

  • What about Skylander super charge

  • And what about about Far Cry 3, that was absolute ART, impossible you could miss that.

  • I can’t believe you guys didn’t put Hitman on this list.

  • where's hitman blood money yo

  • Undertale:
    Soul goes to break
    *But it refused

  • Make another because of borderlands 3

  • You forgot the truth

    That it was rigged from the start

  • 0:49 I fell for it.

  • The Secret of Monkey Island; falling off the edge of a cliff and dying…

  • 0:50 – Very meta. Probably the most meta thing – and say it with me everyone – OF ALL TIME!

  • J RayJ Ray

    Author Reply

    I wish I had friends

  • I believe that there's a fake ending in this one game called Syndicate

  • What about Just Shape and Beats?

  • Are you guys just doodoo gamranx?

  • CoD: Ghosts in Legends Never Die when the second missile launcher blows up the dam and you get a mission failed.

  • You actually fooled me

  • No borderlands 3

  • Quick comment on MGS. If you use the fake death pill, but don't have enough time to use the revival pill, the player will trigger a TIME PARADOX.

    Also the buttons on the FISSION MAILED screen say EMIT and CONTINENT

  • Wtf what about just shapes and beats the end game is so crazy

  • Eternal Darkness was a brilliant game back in the day and when those sanity issues popped up, I was completely fooled the first time through. There should have been a sequel or I’d love to see this game resurrect from the dead

  • Control

  • undertale got a heck ton of these

  • I know it's too late for this, but I know a couple other ones.

    1) The scripted death to Seath in Dark Souls 1

    2) The party wiping in the beginning of Final Fantasy 2.

  • What about borderlands 3

  • Control?

  • I actually thought that the end screen you pulled was real I fell stupid now

  • I reset the mission in mw3 cause I thought it was real

  • No

  • Star wars jedi fallen order anyone

  • 3:39 there is 2 fakes one with the objective failed and the second is if you go to the special missions on one of the missions you play as that body guard

  • What about the Undertale true ending credits? Correct me if I’m wrong but, I’m pretty sure that at the end it makes you think the credits are over but then they start again… I think… it’s been awhile since I played… so I’m not positive.

  • Where tf is Arkham asylum

  • Borderlands 3 at the part when you think Lilith and the other die got me and when it said to be continued in 4 I really thought I finish it

  • Thank you for the ending bit, I needed that

  • dixondixon

    Author Reply

    Borderlands 2 the zed dlc has a fake ending

  • Cod ghosts?