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【ENG SUB】Keep Running Fashion Show!KeepRunning Season 4 EP4:20200619 [Zhejiang TV Official HD]

【KeepRunning S4】 would be updated every Friday UTC/GMT+08:00 12:00
Li Chen/Angelababy/Zhen Kai/Sha Yi/Cai Xukun/Guo Qilin/Song YuQi/Huang Xuxi
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【ENG SUB】KeepRunning Season 4 EP4:20200619 [Zhejiang TV Official HD]

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KeepRunning Season 4 is an outdoor sports reality show launched by Zhejian TV and aproduced by the program center of Zhejiang TV. #LiChen, #Angelababy, #ZhengKai, #ShaYi, #CaiXukun, #GuoQilin are the fixed members of this show during the season. #Lucas #HuangXuxi and #Yuqi #SongYuqi will join them later due to the pandemic.


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  • Ryan is cute when he wear the costume😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I laugh so hard when he came with the silk stocking😂😂😂😂

  • History repeats itself
    Zheng Kai is Really Unlucky when it comes to picking. (Specially if Angelababy is not there)My All time OTP KaiXBaby 💛

  • 56:50 the police be rlly doin his job XD

  • Thank you for the English subtitle

  • I need Lisa on this show lol just to see how Kun will act.

  • Lol "zoobi doobi" hindi song in background 😂

  • Please for future episodes do not degrade the quality of the video after adding the English subtitles, if you compare this video vs the original there’s a big difference. Please do it like before where you add the English cc subtitles to the original video without degrading the quality.

  • Xukun really is the definition of I woke up like this.

  • I'm going a bit crazy by the way Kun ripped the name tag at 55:59…. He's too cool!!! 🤩

  • 19:25 what song??

  • 感觉郑恺的情商还是高呀

  • See how KunKun really dress wonderful even if he just woke up<333

  • zhang han is very  

  • Woww At 1:15:51 they played indian song…. any indians fans here

  • 36:06

  • Kun kun

  • We can clearly see Kun's brilliance shining brightly in every episode 😊 and also his different talents 😍

  • Yay English sub is here.. Thank you so much running man chinese.. It is a happy moments for us the International people

  • Hello English community of 2020 in quarantine because of the virus 🦠 of doom

  • Angelababy so pretty

  • I really love the Father and son relationship of Kunkun and Shayi here

  • I was hoping to see Kun Kun and Cheng Xiao interaction. The 2 PD's finally unite after years. HAHAHA!!

  • Thank you so much for eng sub 😚😢💙💙💙💜💖

  • Cheng xiao 😍 😍 😍


  • I love love angela baby sooo much wat to do😍🤗

  • Does anyone know all the songs added in the whole EP ?

  • I really laugh at boys their reaction…haha😂❤

  • Kun is so handsome💖